Metal and Solvent Exposures Among Automotive Repair Technicians

Metal and Solvent Exposures Among Automotive Repair Technicians

Environmental/Occupational Health Compliance Certification Program For Autobody Repair Facilities Program Kick-Off Meeting November 26, 2002 6:30-8:00 PM Agenda 6:30 Welcome-William Murphy, Davies Career & Tech 6:35 Introduction-Gene Park, URI (Moderator) 6:45 Autobody Shop Compliance Statistics

Richard Enander, RIDEM Office of Technical and Customer Assistance (OTCA) 7:00 OSHA Compliance James Bruckshaw RI DOH 7:15 Project Description Rich Girasole, RIDEM OTCA 7:30 Benefits of Participation Ron Gagnon, RIDEM OTCA Question and Answer Session to Follow Steering Committee Members: Ed Breault, Crown Collision Pete Landers, Buccis Autobody

Jeff Mocarsky, MAACO Rick Ouellette, Cousins Collision Kenneth Topalian, Regal Collision Anthony Victoria, AutoService Autobody Charles Paglio, American Collision John DiCola, ABARI William Murphy, Davies Career and Technical School Richard Missaghian, URI Jeanne McCarthy, DBR James McCaughy, NBC Thomas Uva, NBC James Gamelin, DOH Richard Scott, DOH

Environment-Health Concerns: RI Auto Body Industry Environmental Avg. size shop 5 people; <5 cars per week Chemicals used/released diverse & variable: - VOCs (1,400 tons), MeCl strippers (1/5 shops) - Sanding dust (15 cars/wk = > 100 lbs./yr Hazardous Waste ~ 3-55 gal drums per shop per yr. Community Health DEM receives neighbor complaints Fugitive sanding dust emissions (toxic metals)

Take-home toxics Environment-Health Concerns: RI Auto Body Industry Worker Health Isocyanates, Paint Solvents MeCl Strippers Lead Screening: RI Department of Health Lead exposure Blood Lead Data (ug/dl) Job Office/Painter 3-6 Bodymen 28, 38

17 Avg. Current Compliance Status: RI Auto Body Industry 2002 Baseline Audits 2002 - 371 RI DBR licensed shops 40 shops randomly selected Comprehensive facility audits Environmental, health and safety compliance Non-regulatory, no enforcement actions taken Audit Findings -- The Good News Spirit of the law

Certain areas compliance very good: Compliant coatings HVLP spray guns Hazardous waste manifests Audit Findings -- The Bad News Many, many other areas need improvement, for example Written plans/recordkeeping Worker training Hazardous waste marking/labeling

Unpermitted floor drains The Bad News (Continued) Compliance Rates Compliance ranges: 0%-100% For example HW Contingency Plan 0% Container Inspections 0% Training Records 6% Haz Com program

9% Unpermitted Floor drains 24% Compliance Rates (Continued) HW drum labeling Respiratory program Safety/health poster

Compliant coatings HVLP spray guns 25% 25% 43% 100% 100% Summary Overall compliance rate ~40% Demonstrated compliance lacking Overall improvement NOT DIFFICULT

Time Investment -- Small price to pay Considering, RCRA (HW) fines, for example up to $10,000 per day per violation (not including OSHA, Sewer authority, etc.)

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