Metadata and Search - Dublin Core

Metadata and Search - Dublin Core

Search and Metadata Microsoft Office System SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Alex D. Wade Program Manager Information Worker Solutions Group Microsoft Corp. Agenda Internal Environmental at Microsoft What we have done to date

SharePoint Products & Technologies Windows SharePoint Services Lists & Schemas SharePoint Portal Server Search Interface Property Mapping Query Modification

Internal Environmental Heterogeneity of Content & Metadata Transitivity & Temporality of Content Is Lifecycle information just metadata, or Does applied metadata have its own lifecycle

Local vs. Global needs Volume & location of content Definition of search objects Where Metadata lives Language Granularity Controlled Vocabularies Search Interface is not the only Entry Point Internal Solutions

What we have done internally Query analysis tools Core metadata schema Metadata Management System Core Schema management Associated vocabularies

Both extensible Integration w/existing CMS & DM environments Exposure via Web Services SharePoint Products and Technologies Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server

Provides workspaces for teams to share information and collaborate Provides a central hub to organize and enable access to information, applications, people and teams SharePoint Portal Server builds on top of Windows SharePoint Services Provides both portal sites as well as the place to create, organize and enhance personal and team sites SharePoint Lists Lists

Links Tasks Surveys Events Image Libraries Document Libraries more Views

Calendar Survey results graphs Filters Grouping Sorting more Custom Lists & Views Create lists w/custom properties

Custom Views Data-typing Manage lookup lists Mappable Queryable Group Web Service accessible Search Interface

First-order objects for: Lists People (w/ Presence information) Categories Group-by feature Author

Site Date Category Property Mapping View indexed properties Grouped by namespace Remove from index Map to other properties Expose in search results Expose in fielded search

Property Mapping Property Mapping Analyst Architect Auther Author Author-Corporate Author.Corporate Author2 Authors CMAuthor CreatedBy Creator ContentAuthor DocAuthor Video_Creator Web_Author

ZD_Author mapped to DC.CREATOR aliased as Creator Query Modification Keyword Best Bets

Query Term Replacement Rank Promotion Synonym Support Misspellings Highly controlled content sets Query Term Expansion Synonym Sets for FT Search Intent equivalence

More Information Table in the lobby Alex D. Wade [email protected]

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