Micro-learning @ RMIT Burst training for your mind Frank Ponte Manager Liaison Sci, Eng, and Health (Digital Learning) [email protected] Maha Abed E Projects Librarian [email protected] Organisational context Ready for Life & Work - (2015-2020) Strategic plan - 3 broad directions: 1. Changing the life experience of graduating students by making them ready for life and work. Transform the student experience. 2. Uniting passion and purpose.

Support clearer, smarter and simpler systems 3. Shaping the world with research and teaching. Applied research that is engaged with industry and connected to teaching. CC-BY Image by Bruce Krasting Organisational context Other changes of significance: 1. Departure of RMIT University Librarian 2. Colleges under re-structure Beginning with the College of Science, Engineering and Health ongoing 3. Appointment of a new Deputy Vice Chancellor Education

CC-BY-SA Image by 4. The merger of Study and Learning Centre staff with Library ongoing 5. The future appointment of a new University Librarian & Director of Student Success ongoing Challenge What is RMIT library doing for Academic Integrity? New DVCE challenged the library staff us to think outside the box. 1. Consider our student cohorts and their styles of learning. 2. How is academic Integrity taught and delivered at RMIT?

Consider the diffuse nature in which it is delivered to the student body. 3. How can RMIT Library do it better? CC-BY-NC Image by Jo Badge Factors leading to exploration of micro-learning. 1. Martin Bean (Vice Chancellor) suggested a MOOC style offering to students upon acceptance to RMIT. Benefits: A digital credential, providing the student with key information from the University before starting their degree. Drawbacks: Tied to a computer, doesnt utilise mobile devices, 4-6 weeks of commitment post VCE. 2. DVCE Belinda Tynan discussed attention spans of learners and suggested mobile devices should be used in a more educative way.

3. UX session - General Assembly CC-BY-SA Image by Target audience @ RMIT 1. Entry level students 1st year students 2. Tap into the 1st 60 days - RMIT Link Connect with clubs, collectives, arts, culture, trips, tours. 3. To provide an overview of new concepts,

university life and study, workload, connecting with key services, generally being connected and involved. 4. Linked to prizing and competition for motivation. 5. Mandatory/Volunteer? CC-BY-NC-ND Image by JISC The revolution in E-Learning Bronya Benvin (2016 - Senior Learning Specialist for Pulse Learning) states:

2014 was the tipping point when number of mobile users exceeded desktop users. In 2016, the time users spend accessing mobile digital media is higher than desktop use. 51% (mobile) to 42% (desktop) Learning content should be developed with a mobile audience in mind. This view should take precedence over desktop development. Shift should occur from push style delivery of information to fluid, learner centric mobile delivery.

Pick and mix programs. Benvin, B (2016) Mlearning: The revolution changing elearning. Training & Development, Jun 2016, V.43(3) p.18-19 Forgetting Curve Forgetting Curve (by Hermann Ebbinghaus) Adult learners forget 75% of what they learned within 6 days! Push style delivery Traditional learning techniques. CC-BY-SA Image By Educ320

Micro-learning principles 1. Its short. 2. Lessons b/w 5-7 minutes. 3. Change the pace every 20-40 seconds and aid recall by inserting a game or question. 4. Each lesson should further the learning task while reducing complexity. 5. Each lesson should be self explanatory,

self contained, autonomous and still act as part of a larger unit. 6. Use a story or theme to engage. 7. Lessons are recursive. Repeat, repeat, repeat. CC-BY Image by Basher Eyre Ed App What is Ed App? A mobile LMS that is designed for todays digital habits. Content is accessible anywhere, anytime, and uses micro learning principles to deliver content.

Micro-learning Benefits for Learners Bite sized chunks of information enabling learners to access anytime and anywhere. Better for engagement. The logical extension of social media such as Twitter and Snapchat.

Combats learner boredom and disengagement by including interactive elements. - Games, video, quizzes, and infographics. The lessons are short (5-7 minutes) and avoid mental burnout. Its better for retention. Chunking information makes for better memory retention. Yields 4-5 learned takeaways from a series of modules. Caters to variety of learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic/tactile) Tailored around the learners schedule. Based on experience level, participants choose their own journey. (personalised) Micro-learning Benefits for Trainers

Cuts development costs by 50% Increases speed of development by 300% Modular assembly which is easy to manage. Corrections and swaps are very easy. Ideal for global training. Segments are easier to translate. Savings from traditional training can be injected into production of microlearning modules Allows for experimentation to provide the best learning experiences. Maximum benefit for minimal input cost effective Delivered at point of need Used as a performance aid for those in the field. Trainee Nurse, Doctor etc..

Great analytics that shows impact of training. Examples of Micro-learning Duolingo Language learning Combines text, games, audio and interactivity. YouTube offers some good examples of microlearning. Crash Course Udacity and Focuses on one skill within each segment. Editing and Design - App preparation 1. Download app. 2. Login to app. 3. Synchronise app.

Editing and Design - a discussion Future possibilities for micro-learning @ RMIT Staff/University 1. TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency) compliance. 2. Professional development for academic and professional staff. Time management skills; Health safety and compliance in the workplace; New employee induction and onboarding; Upskilling in digital tools; How to use new technology in the workplace. Technical and product training; Leadership and talent management, Compliance training Students

1. Students learning referencing. 2. Students learning the features of a database. 3. Tips on Essay writing 4. Note taking, How to research, how to deliver successful presentations, exam techniques, conversational skills, time management, Connecting with others in your 1 st year. Creation of an organisational app? Linking to digital credentials Questions Frank Ponte Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: Maha Abed Email: [email protected] LinkedIn:

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