Medieval Times - Whitehall Elementary School

Medieval Times - Whitehall Elementary School

Medieval Times 450-1450 Social Classes Nobility Peasantry Clergy Nobility

Sheltered in castles MEN: Engaged in combat as knights WOMEN: Managed estates, looked Knights Code Be always ready, with your armour on, except when you are taking

The laws of the knights were these: your rest at night. At everything, try to win honour and a name for honesty. Defend the poor and weak. Help them that cannot defend themselves. Do nothing to hurt or offend anyone else. Be prepared to fight in the defence of your country. Work for honour rather than profit. Never break your promise. Rather die honest than live shamelessly.

Chivalry requireth that youth should be trained to perform the most laborious and humble offices with cheerfulness and grace. A knight is at all times a gentleman. Money does not make a gentleman. A gentleman is anyone who carries out the rules of chivalry of the knights. Ladies Responsibilit ies:

Kitchen/Meals Finances Servants Have children Take over when men were gone For fun: Owned expensive

clothes Picnics Falconry Chess Peasantry The vast majority of people lived miserably in one-room hut these people were also known

as SERFS. Clergy Monks were learned people. Most including the nobility- were illiterate! Nuns were allowed to sing and compose music for their choirs

Medieval Music Most medieval music was vocal. Instruments were used mainly as accompaniment. Instruments were frowned on in church~the clergy complained they distracted worshipers. Medieval

Instruments Psaltry Tabor Lute Bass Recorder Hurdy-Gurdy

Shawm Rebec Neumes Medieval: Today: Neumes

Neumes and their modern equivalents, used in Medieval music notation Go here to see examples: https://watch, listen and follow an example HERE Sacred Music

Gregorian Chant: The official music of the Roman Catholic church. A melody set to sacred Latin text, sung a capella. Named after Pope Gregory I. Secular Music Dance Music

Performed by: Minstrels Troubadours Jongleurs Love Songs Madrigal Madrigals- secular vocal music composition beginning in the 14th century and developed

chiefly in the 16th century in England. The word has its origin in either Mandrialis (pastoral song), or matricials (in the mother tongue). Madrigals- in through-composed form, polyphonic and a capella, number of voices varying from 2-8. Madrigalswritten to best express the sentiment in each line of a poetic text.

Medieval Dancing Estampie Branle Ronde Farandole Saltarello Clothing Nobility

Peasantry Clothing/ Costumes English Christmas Customs Wassail - A holiday drink from the Anglo-Saxon, Wes-hal, means be whole. Old wassail bowls were immense. It was the custom of the stewards upon entering the banquet hall to call out, Wassail, Wassail. It was served in

the wassail bowl with toast floating on top. Hence, drinking the toast. Boars Head - Traditionally the heart of the Christmas feast. Mouth propped open with an apple, the head was brought in to fanfare and special carol. Its origin is Psalm 80, in which Satan is the boar out of the wood. The head of the slain boar, paraded about the Great Hall, showed defeat of Satan by the newborn Christ child. The master of the house would take an oath upon it to perform a charitable deed, often others would follow suit. The Twelve Days of Christmas - Known liturgically as

Epiphany, represents the traditional time of the Magi journey to worship the Christ child. The twelve days were a time of great feasting, celebration, singing, carols, and general merry making. Coat of Arms Heraldry the art of blazoning and marshalling a coat of arms By 1400 A.D., bearing

a coat of arms had become a prerequisite to participation in a tournament, and due to the importance of social standing in such pageants, a coat of arms also became a mark of noble status

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