Mason Template 2: Title Slide - George Mason University

Mason Template 2: Title Slide - George Mason University

iOS 8 Built-In Accessibility for Visual Impairments Stephanie Robbins, Program Support Specialist George Mason University Assistive Technology Initiative November 21, 2014 What Well Cover Introductions

About Apple Devices & iOS Software Demo/Hands on Features of Built-In Accessibility - Color Enhancement Features - Large Text/Zoom Features - Speak Screen/ Siri - VoiceOver - Braille Displays - Resource Links Q&A/Hands-on practice INTRODUCTIONS

About the ATI Services for the Mason Community Accessible Text, Accessible Media Web Accessibility AT Assessments Training Under Compliance, Diversity & Ethics Services Beyond the Mason Community Accessible Text

Training/Assessments Other services as needed Visit iOS Devices - iPad (Latest version: iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3) - iPod Touch (Updated to Retina Display) - iPhone (Latest version: iPhone 6/6Plus)

For this demonstration, Im using the iPad Mini 2 with updated iOS 8.1.1 Device Pricing iPad Air 2: 16 GB - $490-$500 64 GB - $600- $650 iPad Mini 3: 16 GB - $390- $400 64 GB - $490- $500 iPod Touch: 16 GB - $190- $200

64 GB - $290- $300 iPhone 6/6 Plus: 16 GB - $199- $299 (With carrier) 64 GB - $299- $399 Do your research and compare! NEW iOS 8 Accessibility Features Word Prediction- Increased efficient word prediction Speak Screen- Speaks the screen of text when enabled in Accessibility Settings High Quality English Voice- Alex (Works with Speak ScreenDownload in Voices Settings) Grayscale Color Enhancement/Enhanced Zoom Features

Accessibility - Color Enhancements Navigating the Accessibility Menu - Settings on Home Screen - General - Accessibility Vision Menu - Invert Colors - Grayscale (NEW) - Button Shapes - Increase Contrast Settings

Demo & Practice Accessibility Large Text Enhancements Accessibility Vision Menu: - Larger Text : Increase from 20pt to 56pt text in Mail, Notes, Contacts, Messages, and Calendar - Bold Text - Reduce Motion Demo & Practice

Accessibility Vision Vision Menu -Zoom (Magnifies the entire screen) -Double Tap 3 fingers to open the Zoom Menu (NEW) -Zoom In -Window Zoom -Choose Filter -Show Controller -Zoom Slider -Drag 3 fingers to move around the screen

Demo & Practice Accessibility Speak Screen Enabling Speak Screen (NEW) - Swipe 2 fingers from the top of the screen down - Speak Screen will be automatically enabled and the Speak Screen reading bar will be activated on the screen. - Automatically start reading in any app with text content.

Navigating the Speak Screen Reading Bar - Pause/Rewind/Fastforward - Change speaking rate - Close Demo & Practice Accessibility Intro to Siri Apples Voice Dictation Software Example Features - Send Messages & Emails

- Create Reminders - Schedule Meetings - Play Music Siri knows what you say and what you mean! Access Siri by pressing the home button for 3 seconds (Example Video of Siri) More information about Siri features: :// https

Accessibility VoiceOver Same gesture-based screen reader that is available on Mac OS Available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Support for 30 different languages Very important feature: Can be enabled without sighted assistance using Siri (iOS 8) Accessibility VoiceOver, Cont. - Example Features Easy to use gestures

Provides access to all menus and apps Access to Email & Messages with character echo Speak Notifications Much more! Starting and Stopping VoiceOver 2 Ways to start and stop Voice Over 1) Navigating to the Accessibility Menu - VoiceOver (Toggle)

- Simply swipe the toggle switch to turn on VoiceOver 2) Use Siri - Hold down the menu button for 3 seconds - Ask Siri to start Voice Over Start Voice Over Demo & Practice VoiceOver Beginning Gestures Tap (Touch) Gesture - Place finger anywhere on the screen and tap - Hear audio cue (beeping) in an open area

- Encounter an item, Voice Over will announce the item Dragging Gesture Simply drag your finger across the screen to encounter elements (buttons, toggle settings) VoiceOver Gestures, Cont. Flick Gesture Brush from left to right across the screen to move to items

Flick from the left to right to go back Double Tap Gesture To activate an app, double tap anywhere on the screen Used to activate buttons and toggle settings VoiceOver Gestures, Cont. Scrolling 3 finger flick right and left to scroll 3 finger flick up and down to scroll

Spelling 1 finger flick down quickly once you are on a word VoiceOver Gesture Resources Hadley School for the Blind: You Tube Video Audible Sight: List of Gestures Using the Rotor Feature in iOS 7: You Tube Video Braille Displays & iOS Compatibility of iOS Devices with Braille Displays iPhone (3Gs) or later iPad Air & Mini iPod (3rd gen) or later Latest iOS software installed Support for more than 40 wireless Braille displays Freedom Scientific

HumanWare GW Micro Support for 25 + Braille Table Languages For complete list of supported displays & languages, visit: Pairing Braille Display with iOS Device Focus 40 Blue Classic (Freedom Scientific)

Out of the box connectivity (no extra software to install) USB & Bluetooth connectivity User friendly 8 dot keyboard Compact, easy to carry design For more information on Focus 40 Braille displays, visit: http:// splay Pairing Braille Display, Cont. 3 Things You Need to Know Before Pairing 1. How to set the display for Bluetooth communication 2. How to set the display so that it is discoverable by another device 3. The Bluetooth pairing code for device Vary from Device to Device

HIMS & Freedom Scientific Code: 0000 Humanware: 1234 Contact the manufacturer for correct pairing code! Steps for Pairing Display 1. Make sure that VoiceOver is turned on. 2. Make sure that your display is turned on and discoverable

(Open VoiceOver Braille Settings on iOS device). 3. If Bluetooth is not activated, you will be prompted to turn it on in the Braille settings. 4. Once Bluetooth is on and has found the display, select the display. You will be prompted to enter the pairing code. 5. Enter the pairing code and select OK. Braille Display Resources You Tube Pairing Video- Step by Step with iOS Focus 40 Blue Classic Navigation Keystrokes: Q&A Additional questions, email: [email protected] Presentation Link: Website: Follow ATI on Twitter: @AccessibleMason

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