Los Verbos Regulares - LA CLASE DEL SR. BAREA

Los Verbos Regulares - LA CLASE DEL SR. BAREA

Los Verbos Regulares Present tense conjugations of regular AR, -ER, - IR verbs -AR Verbs In Spanish, there are three classes verb families (or conjugations) of verbs: those that end in AR, those that end in ER, and those that end in IR. This is important because the conjugation determines the endings you put on the verbs.

Los Verbos: Verbs are action words = to do something These 3 verb families in Spanish: -AR, ER, -IR (are based on the endings of the infinitives of the verbs) The following are example verb infinitives: verb form that is found in the dictionary Ex: -AR = Bailar = to dance Ex: -ER = Comer = to eat EX: -IR = Escribir = to write Every verb has 2 parts The stem + ending The stem of a verb is the part of the verb you get when you take the ar, -er or ir off of the infinitive Ex:

Infinitive: Hablar Comer Escribir Stem: Habl Com Escrib Conjugation of verbs: Il Tiempo presente: Conjugation = changing the endings of the verb so that the verb agrees with the subject of the sentence (person doing the action of the verb) In English: We conjugate in 2 forms and use pronouns. We say I speak, he speaks, we speak. We dont realize we are changing our endings.

In Spanish: the endings are more exact there are 6 different endings on the stem of the verb so we know who is doing the action by the endings of the verb. pronouns are therefore not necessary. Los Pronombres Personales (Subject Pronouns) Singular Plural yo nosotros

t vosotros l / ella / Ud. ellos / ellas / Uds. Present-tense verbs in Spanish can have several English equivalents. Each simple expression in Spanish may convey three different ideas in English: (yo) (Yo) estudio espanol: I study simple Spanish.

statement emphasis I do study Spanish. action in progress I am studying Spanish. Conjugation of verbs contd: There are endings of the verb for each subject pronoun in Spanish. Therefore, each ending is different for the subject of the sentence. To conjugate a verb there are 2 parts: drop the infinitive and add the ending for each pronoun to the stem: ex: Hablar = to speak

stem = Habl Yo hablo nosotros hablamos Tu hablas el/ella habla ellos/ellas hablan Ud. habla Uds. hablan To form the present tense (AR): STEM + Verb ending

-o -amos -as is -a -an -ER endings present tense conjugation The endings for regular -ER verbs are the same as for AR verbs, except that the vowel is E- instead of A-!

yo -o t -es l, ella, Ud. -e nosotros emos Vosotros- is ellos -en ustedes en What about the IR Verbs? Well, take a look for yourself. Can you find the one difference? beber vivir bebo vivo bebes vives bebe vive

bebemos vivimos Bebis vivs beben viven Regular Present Tense To summarize, here are the endings for the three verb conjugations: -AR -ER -IR -o -o -o -as -es

-es -a -e -e -amos emos imos -is -is -s -an -en -en Practica: Conjugate the correct form for each pronoun and translate into English: 1. Yo (hablar) 2. Mi hermano (mirar) 3. Mis hermanos y yo (ayudar)

4. Uds. (cocinar) 5. Mis padres (trabajar) 6. Tu (descansar) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tu (comer) Mi padre (vender) Yo (leer) Marco y yo (hacer) Paco y Ana (conocer) 1. (asistir) Mis parientes________ a una cena grande a casa de mi abuela. 2. (salir) Siempre ____ tu mucho con amigos los fines de

semana? 3. (decidir) Mis amgios y yo _____ de ir al cine hoy. Practice: Conj. the verb in Span. in the sent: (lavar) Su madre ________ la ropa todos los das. (hacer) Mis hermanos y yo _____ las camas por la maana. (recibir) Marta siempre _______ buenas notas en sus clases. (cuidar) _____ t a tu hermano menor despus de clases? (poner) ________ Uds. la mesa para la cena? (ver) Los domingos, mi padre y mi hermano _____ el partido de ftbol americano en la tele. (montar) Yo _____ en bicicleta en el tiempo libre. Practice: Conj. the verb in Span. in the sent: (to attend) Adnde ______ a la fiesta la familia? (to eat) Todos _______ la cena a las seis.

(to celebrate) Mi familia y yo ________ los das de fiesta en casa con nuestros parientes. (to travel) Mi ta ______ de Colombia este mes. (to read) ____ t mucho en el tiempo libre? (to take out) Despus de la cena, yo siempre ______ la basura. (to live) Mis padres, mis hermanos y yo _______ en una casa grande en calle Hidalgo. Las Preguntas (the questions) Que significa la pregunta When forming a simple yes/no question you open with a verb and elminate in English the do you or does he/she because it is translated in the question with the verb already. Spanish doesnt have a do you translation for questions.

Estudia Carlos en la biblioteca? Does Carlos study in the library? Tocas la guitarra? Do you play the guitar? Question Answer yo t / Ud. t l / ella Ud. yo l / ella

yo nosotros Uds. / nosotros ellos / ellas ellos / ellas Uds. / t y tus amigos nosotros Ahoras: Formen una pregunta de S o no y respondan en una frase completa 1. 2.

3. 4. Marta / escribir bien / las frases (s) T / trabajar / los fines de semana (no) Marcos y Juan / correr / por la noche (no) T y Anita / comprender todo / en la clase de ciencias (s) 5. Ud. / bailar mucho / en las fiestas (s) 6. Las chicas / salir con los chicos / el viernes por la noche (no) Translate the following AR verbs into Spanish: 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. To admire To fix (tidy up) To look for To change To cut To wish/want To win To invite To arrive

To return 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Admirar Arreglar Buscar Cambiar Cortar Desear

Ganar Invitar Llegar regresar 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Traduzcan las preguntas o las frases en espaol: (AR Verbs) Juan y Carla fix up the house. My father works in an office in the city.

Do you play the piano? The class ends in 10 minutes. Is your sister using the computer? My parents and I travel to the beach in the summer. 7. Do all of you answer in Spanish? Traduzcan las preguntas o las frases en espaol: (ER/IR Verbs) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9. We learn a lot of Spanish. Does the class read a funny novel? I go to school every day. The boys understand Spanish well. Do you eat dinner with your grandparents on Sundays? My friends and I watch a movie. Does your brother get good grades? I write many letters in Spanish to my cousins in Peru. Do the teachers permit phones in class? Cmo se dice en espaol? My mother washes the dishes after dinner. My father never cooks. My older brothers are smart and attend the university. I clean up my room on the weekends.

My family and I visit my grandparents on Sunday and eat dinner with them. My brother walks the dog in the park. My friends and I go out on Fridays and see a movie in the theater. My grandmother buys food at the supermarket and spends a lot of money. In my free time, I talk on the phone, listen to the radio, hang out with my friends and ride my bike. My cousin is lazy and doesnt read or do homework for English class.

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