Lasswade High School Groups/Clubs Information

Lasswade High School Groups/Clubs Information

LASSWADE HIGH SCHOOL GROUPS/CLUBS INFORMATION Monday 17th June 2019 Friday 21st June 2019 Fundraising Dress Down Friday Students who wish to participate in the Fundraising Dress Down Friday 21st June 2019 are asked to pay

1 to come to school casually dressed. Students who do not wish to participate should come to school wearing school uniform. Monies collected will be split Two thirds donated to charity whilst the remaining one third will go to the School Fund. This is a normal Learning and Teaching day, please remember to bring your school bag and all equipment eg PE kit. House Celebrations of Achievement S1-3 (new S2-4)

ME - Monday 17th - period 6&7 MK - Tuesday 18th - period 6&7 SA - Wednesday 19th - period 6&7 SL - Friday 21st - period 3&4 Awards winners - please go straight to the assembly hall after lunch (break for SL). The rest of the house group must register with class teachers first. There will be a tannoy announcement to let you know when to

make your way to the hall. FIRE EVACUATION POINTS STAFF INFO: Fire Muster Points are unchanged at present. STUDENTS : If the Fire Alarm goes during break or lunch you should go to the Fire Muster Points for the subject, and teacher, you were with: P2 if alarm is at break OR P5 if alarm is at lunchtime. The system is being changed over the summer and will be updated in August. S4 Blazer Fittings Thursday 20th June 2019

Running Order Thursday 20/06/2019 09:00 09:10 4ME1 Girls Only 09:10 09:20 4ME2 Girls Only 09:20 09:30 4MK1 Girls Only 09:30 09:40 4MK2 Girls Only 09:40 09:50 4MK3 Girls Only 09:50 10:00 4SA1 Girls Only 10:00 10:10 4SA2 Girls Only

BREAK 10:25 10:35 4SA3 Girls Only RUNNING ORDER Thursday 20/06/2019 Continued 10:35 10:45 4SL1 Girls Only 10:55 11:05 4SL2 Girls Only 11:05 11:15 4SL3 Girls Only

11:15 11:25 4ME1 Boys Only 11:25 11:35 4ME2 Boys Only 11:35 11:45 4MK1 Boys Only 11:55 12:05 4MK2 Boys Only 12:05 12:15 4MK3 Boys Only 12:15 12:25 4SA1 Boys Only 12:25 12:35 4SA2 Boys Only 12:35 12:45 4SA3 Boys Only RUNNING ORDER

Thursday 20/06/2019 Continued 12:45 12:55 4SL1 Boys Only LUNCH 13:40 13:50 4SL2 Boys Only 13:50 14:00 4SL3 Boys Only 13: 50 14:00 4CrLg1 & 3 & Pod 1 &

2Girls Only 14:20 14:30 4 CrLg1& 3 & Pod 1 & 2 Boys Only RUNNING ORDER Thursday 20/06/2019 Continued Any S2/S5 & S6 students who may require a blazer fitting,

please go to the Assembly Hall at 14:30 School Lockers All students who have a music locker, please clear out your locker and return the key to the school office by end of 21/06/19. Please return your key to allow future students to

use lockers, if keys are not returned a charge of 5.00 will be issued to parents in order for replacement keys to be cut. School Lockers Please could all current S2/S3 students and those students who are going on school trips over the next couple of weeks, clear out their lockers and return their locker key to Student

Reception by TUESDAY 18/06/19. This allows essential maintenance and key checks to be carried out. Texts will be issued to parents/carers if keys are not returned and a 5.00 charge will be levied. If you have a music locker you will be asked to return your key at a later date please keep an eye on the daily bulletin for this date. Attention New S4S

On 20th June there will be blazer fittings for S4s as well as the rest of the school. S4s will be given a house tie then at no cost. Please note that if there are any S4s going on a trip before then and/or will miss the blazer fitting on 20th June please come to reception for the tie and to the office to be fitted for a blazer. Thank you. Student Voice: Get your opinions heard!

In PSE this week you will find out about how you can join the Student Voice team and make an impact next year! You in?? If getting involved in the Student Council is something you are interested in then you can fill out a small slip and return to the Social Studies Base or any Social Studies teacher.

This is your chance to make your voice heard! (slips in by Friday 21 June) New York Dance Trip 2020 Open to students in S3-S5 If you are interested in finding out more about this trip Please attend a meeting on Wednesday at 1.15pm in the Small

Gym Miss Forbes & Miss Helm Girls Football S1-6 Any Girls who would like to be part of the Football teams next year Please attend a meeting at Break on Wednesday in PE

Achtung, S3 German Class ! I forgot to set your homework for Wednesday, what with all the excitement of revising the rule about gender at the end of the single period. Please revise the colours (Logo 1, p 13) and Ill give you an English to German vocab test on Wednesday. If I say red, youll write rot etc.

Herr Poots To celebrate the end of this years First Ministers Reading Challenge there will be a Book Bistro in the library classroom at breaktime and lunchtime on Wednesday 19th June. There will be free books to take away, recommendations for what to read over the holidays, you can suggest how we can make next years challenge bigger and better, and you can

try a much ado about muffin! New York 2020 S5 & S6 students. Interested in going to New York in the February holiday 2020? Pick up a letter from the Maths Base if you are interested. LASSWADE HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT

BAND NEXT REHEARSAL THURDSAY 3:204:20pm Speak to Mrs Gray, Miss Waddell, Mr Philip, Mr Brown if unable to attend Lost Property

There are various items of lost property at Student Reception. These will be retained until the 28th June 2019 before being recycled. Please call at Reception if you have lost anything to check if we have it.

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