Kingdom Protista - Ms. Wallis

Kingdom Protista - Ms. Wallis

Kingdom Protista Kingdom Protista

Very diverse group of organisms Hard to classify Some are heterotrophs Some are autotrophs Most unicellular, some multicellular ALL are EUKARYOTES Have a nucleus Have membrane bound organelles

Kingdom Protista There are three main groups: Animal-like ( Protozoa) Plant-like ( Algae) Fungus-like Animal-like Protists Unicellular heterotrophs

Are classified by the way they move Sarcodines ( rhizopods) Ciliates Zooflagellates Sporozoans Zooflagellates Move with flagellawhiplike structures

Zooflagellates 1, 2, or many flagella Absorb food or can be parasites Reproduce asexually by binary fission Zooflagellates Trypanosoma *causes African sleeping sickness

* carried by the tsetse fly Zooflagellates Trychonympha( mutualistic) and lives in the guts of termites and helps them digest wood Sarcodines Move with pseudopodia

Pseudopodia means false feet and are extensions of the cytoplasm Movement is called amoeboid movement Can also be used in phagocytosis( getting food) Reproduce by binary fission Sarcodines Amoeba

Heliozoans Radiolarians Ciliates Move by ciliatiny hairlike projections off the cell membrane Cilia can also be used for feeding

Can be found in fresh and salt water Can have two nuclei Contractile vacuolehelp pump extra water outremember osmotic balance??? Ciliates Paramecium Ciliates

Stentor Sporozoans Not able to move( no movement ) Are parasitic Reproduce by producing spores spores are haploid reproductive cells Sporozoans

Plasmodium Transmitted by mosquitoes Causes the disease Malaria Plant-like Protists

Also called Algae Classified by color and structure Are autotrophs Most unicellular, some multicellular Euglenophyta

Common name: euglenoids Pigments: chlorophyll ( green ) Unicellular

Have eyespot and pellicle Autotroph most of the time, can be a heterotroph Moves with a flagella Euglena Pyrrophyta

Common namedinoflagellates Fire Algae Unicellular

Can live in fresh and marine water Are bioluminescent Some cause algal blooms and red tide Pyrrophyta Gymnodinium can cause red tide The algae release toxins that poison and

kill fish and shell fish and is a problem for the enviroment. Chrysophyta Common name golden algae Pigmentsyellowgreen to golden brown

Unicellular Cell walls made of pectin Asterionella Bacillariophyta Common name Diatoms

Unicellular Cells walls made of silicacan be used to make toothpaste and cosmetics Two cell walls fit together ( like a petri dish)

Rhodophyta Common name red algae Pigmentsphycobilins, chlorophyll a Multicellular

Used to make agarused in ice creams and puddings as a thickener Rhodophyta Coralline Algae Irish Moss Phaeophyta

Common name brown algae Pigmentsfucoxanthin, chlorophyll a & c Multicellular

Largest and most complex of all algae Usesiodine, food, and algin ( in some food products ) Phaeophyta Fucus Lamanaria

Phaeophyta Sargassum Rockweed Chlorophyta

Common name green algae Pigmentschlorophyll a & b Multicellular Has cellulose in cell walls Can live in fresh or salt water Believed to be the ancestors of the Plant

Kingdom Chlorophyta Volvox Spirogyra Ulva( sea lettuce)

Chlamydomonas Fungus-like Protists Heterotrophic Decomposers

Two types: 1) Slime Molds 2) Water and Downy Molds

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