Karla Homolka - YRDSB

Karla Homolka Is she safe in our society? Girl meets Boy Karla 17, Paul 23 Meet in Toronto Oct 1987.

Beautiful, smart girl, loved animals and worked at a Vet Clinic. He was a charming accountant Had sex the first night they met. Paul already was the Scarborough rapist. 1989 engaged Fulfilled each others sexual fantasies. Were In

love A thoughtful rape. Paul was always unhappy that Karla was not a virgin Paul hinted that he liked and wanted Tammy, Karlas 15 year old virgin sister.

Karla gave Tammys virginity as a Christmas gift. December 23, 1990 Karla sedated Tammy and together they recorded her rape. Tammy vomited, choked and died. Death was declared accidental. Picture Perfect June 14 1991 - Bernardo

kidnaps 14 year old Leslie Mahaffy from outside her house. Together they rape, torture and murder her. Married June 29 1991 That same day Leslies dismembered body is found encased in concrete in a lake. April 16 1992 Homolka helps kidnap Kristen French from church parking lot.

Together they rape torture and kill her. Leave her body hairless in a ditch. April 30 1992 Frenchs body is found. Rest in peace, we will not forget. Now she leaves Jan 1993 - After Paul beats Karla violently with a flashlight she fleas from him to a hospital and confesses Paul as the Scarborough Rapist. (their relationship was violent all through their days together)

Deal with the devil Could not find video tape. Police and Authorities had evidence against Karla Charging her would eliminate chances of her giving evidence on Paul, whom they has less evidence on. Needed Karlas co-operation -> made the deal.

Charged with 2 accounts of manslaughter Sentenced with 12 years Must help police Must testify against Paul Can not profit from crimes. Prison Prison Joliette Institute

Homolka and fellow inmate, Christina Sherry, convicted for her role in a Montreal rape and torture case The former inmate described Joliette as an "adult daycare center that pampered inmates." Party girl photos -> advised that she would go to the Regional Psychiatric Center

at maximum-security Saskatchewan Penitentiary. She refused to co-operate with doctors, her stay was pushed to 4 years. Free Woman I dont want people to think Im a dangerous person whos going to do something to their children Thesis Due to Karlas participation in the

notorious murders and rapes of Paul Bernardo, it is clear she is manipulative and is still a threat in society to re-offend. Applied the Halcion to Tammy and Jane Doe Involvement in sexual acts Stood by Paul through crimes Produced young female friends for Pauls sexual pleasure. Helped to lure Kristen to Pauls car.

Questions What was Karla charged with? What were her actions? What are her restrictions? How did prison and rehabilitation help her? What was the deal with the devil? Is she to blame for her actions? What could have triggered this young girl

to become so twisted? How did she assist the police in charging Paul. Arguments Pro Karla Homolka had a choice to stand by Paul and commit the crimes. Karla used her knowledge of the crimes for her own benefit.

Diagnosis, by 4 psychiatrists Should have left at first sign, Tammys rape was before marriage. While on bail she gave info to police that linked Paul to murders and rapes of Kristen and Leslie. IE carpet and concrete. Considering Karlas actions and progression throughout her prison time officials needed to place restrictions on her for the safety of society. Restrictions (see notes) Charges In jail one she had a relationship with an ex-murderer.

Con Her diagnosis explained that she was incapable of making decisions due to Pauls manipulation. She was blackmailed and manipulated. She helped the police willingly. (shows cooperation, could mean regret) Got a BA at Queens. Learnt to speak fluent French. Difficulties

Information on Rehab in prison Childhood Life before Paul Details in crimes Sources Davey, Frank. Karla's Web a Cultural Investigation of the Mahaffy French Murders. Toronto, Canada: Penguin Group, 1994. Denov, Myriam S. "A Culture of Denial: Exploring Professional Perspectives on Female Sex Offending." Canadian Journal of Criminology 43.3 (2001): 1-325. Galligan, Patrick T. Report to Attorney General of Ontario on Certain Matters Relating to Karla Homolka. Toronto Canada: , 1996. Hazelwood, Roy. Complaints victims of the sexual sadist. Australian Post Publications, 1993. Barron, Christie , and Dany Lacombe. "Moral Panic and the Nasty

Girl." The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology 41.1 (2005): 51-19. A look at the history of Paul Bernardo's infamous sex-and-torture videotapes, destroyed Thursday on the authority of Ontario Attorney General David Young. Toronto: Canadian Press Newswire 21 Dec. 2001. MaCann, Wendy K. "Homolka Describes Herself as a Changed Woman." Canadian Press NewsWire 3 Nov. 1999. Rpt. in . Toronto Napier, J. Personal Interview.2005 Gills, Charlie. Karla Homolka: Girl next door. Macleans. 21 March 2005:34-41. Hewitt, Bill, Weinstein, Fanny. Record of horror. People Weekly. 18 Sept. 1995: 235- 239 Bernardo/Homolka Timeline CBC News online. (9Sept.2005) Freed,Anne. Homolka is nervous about her freedom. Toronto Star. 31 May 2005.

Pron, Nick, Freed, Anne. Life after Paul: 12 years behind bars. Toronto Star. 31 May 2005. LaFlamme, Lisa, Freisen, Joe. Homolkas lawyer says shes no risk. Globe and Mail. 24 May 2005. Pron, Nick. From 17 and in love to murder and hate. Toronto Star. 30 May 2005. Canadas Switchboard.Macleans.ca. (9Sept.2005) Courtroom Television Network LLC. Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka. 2005. 11 Oct 2005. .

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