THE GREAT DEPRESSION Impact of the Great Depression Cities: Increase in homelessness, increase in unemployment

25% unemployment across the country 50% or higher for minorities Increase in racial violence, increase in deportations Soup Kitchens and Bread lines Shantytowns Hoovervilles Riding the Rails

Men leave their families in search of work 300,000 transient hoboes ride the rails

Hoover is Blamed for Americans Misery President Herbert Hoover is blamed for not helping or caring

about Americans suffering during the depression Newspapers used for blankets referred to as Hoover blankets Empty pant pockets turned out called Hoover Flags Hoovers Domestic Policy

Hoover believe in limited government intervention Supported giving money to banks and

businesses so that they could create jobs (trickle-down economics) Did not support welfare or direct relief to the poor and needy Hoover thought this would weaken peoples independence and make them too reliant on government hand-outs Believed volunteer charity groups and local organizations should help the poor, not the Impact on the American People

Without financial assistance, people suffered from poor diets and lacked proper health care

School closures increased due to decrease funding no tax base to raise money for schools Children worked in sweatshops to help family income Between 1928 to 1932, the suicide rate rose more than 30% Increase in mental hospital patients Depression in Rural Areas

1929-1932: 400,000 farms were lost to foreclosure Farmers unable to pay their loans due to decreasing farm

prices Farmers burned crops and fields; dumped milk to create food shortages 1930s Drought in Great Plains

Dust Storms occurred from 1930 1936 Wind carried dust over hundreds of miles, covering homes, cattle, equipment The Dust Bowl Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado

Top soil pulled up and carried all the way to the Atlantic ocean Causes: Prairie grass was pulled out in the Great Plains drought Dust Bowl Clip

Farmers and Sharecroppers go West Those effected by the dust storms migrate west,

looking for work Called Okies negative term for migrant workers Migrant workers picked fruit and vegetables; poor pay

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