IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Serving IT up with ITIL By Thane Price IT is the laboratorys pit crew For the individuals who work on Mark's team, there is nothing more rewarding than helping create and/or service a fast car, a car that is capable of winning races. Goal : Make technology transparent while accomplishing valuable internal customer outcomes Start your engines 1. How is ITIL framework like a playbook 2. How will we know if weve won 3. How to begin Its about the services 4. How does the strategy relate to value (Agenda)

IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) ITSM - Capabilities to deliver value through services (like project management) Both - Managing services over their lifecycle Both - Business / IT Integration ITIL - Five Books ITIL - Framework 27+ processes ITIL - Organization can mature ITIL - Covers entire lifecycle The Service Lifecycle Service Strategy Financial Management Identify, document, and agree on the value of the services being received Service Strategy - Return on Investment

What return on investment has or will be realized from Service Management Service Portfolio Management Dynamically governing investments in Service Management across the enterprise and managing them for value Answer questions such as Why should a customer buy these services? Why should they buy them from us? What are the pricing or charge back models? What are our strengths and weaknesses, priorities and risks? How should our resources and capabilities be allocated? Demand Management

Ensuring demand for IT services matches the capacity Service Design Service Catalog Management Maintain accurate information on all operational services Service Level Management Negotiate and document service targets with customers Capacity Management Ensure cost-justifiable capacity exists and is matched to needs Availability Management Ensure the level of service availability meets or exceeds agreed upon needs IT Service Continuity Management

Ensure technical and service facilities can be resumed in the case of a disaster Information Security Management Ensure IT information security is effectively managed Supplier Management Manage suppliers and their services to ensure quality of IT service Service Transition Transition Planning and Support Ensure that changes can be successfully implemented Change Management Ensure standard methods are used, configurable items are recorded and risks are optimized

Service Asset and Configuration Management Identify, control, account for, protect and ensure integrity of assets and configuration necessary to deliver IT services Release and Deployment Management Aims to build test and deliver the capability to meet stakeholders requirements and deliver objectives Service Validation and Testing Ensure that changes released will provide value to customers while minimizing risk of incidents Evaluation Judge whether performance is acceptable value for money Knowledge Management

Ensure the right information is delivered to the appropriate place or person to enable informed decisions Service Operation Event Management Monitor all events both normal and exceptions Incident Management Restore service to minimize business impact Problem Management Root cause detection and prevention Request Fulfillment Standard, repeatable, user requests (not incidents) such as facility moves, supplies, desktop software installs, and technical support Access Management Provide access to use a service where authorized and prevent nonauthorized access. Accurately determining the difference. Continual Service

Improvement The 7 Step Improvement Process Define what should be measured Define what can be measured Gather the data Process the data Analyze the relationships of the data Present and use the information Implement corrective actions Service Reporting Identify the purpose, audience and result the report will target Service Measurement Measure end to end service availability, reliability and performance Return on Investment from improvements Quantify value of improvements

Business Questions for improvements Where are weWhere do we want to be What do we actually need What can we afford What will we get What did we get Service Level Management Build relationships with customers by improving service levels to meet expectations Winning the Race Integration will focus IT on researchers Service Level Agreements will indicate value for investment Capabilities will be available when needed Researchers/users will benefit from self-service Customers will recognize improving relationships

Make Winning Important John Kotters Leading Change 1) Establish a sense of urgency 2) Create a powerful coalition 3) Develop vision for change 6) Generating short term wins 8) Anchor the changes in corporate culture Focus The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. - Albert Einstein The Future is in Our Hands The work we do together, here at the INL, will significantly impact the energy landscape of the nation and world.

John Grossenbacher - Will IT enable the solution or get in the way? Listen to the Spotter Where are we on the course? Are course corrections needed? Focus on what is going right? Keep the strategy in front of the team? The Roadmap (Sample) Service Asset and Configuration Management Incident Management Problem Management Service Level Management IT Service Continuity Management Information Security Management Service Catalog Management 0

1 Is process integrated with other processes? Is anyone aware of the process? Request Fulfillment Are metrics captured and reported? Does the process have x-org definition? Knowledge Management 2 Is process consistently followed and improving? Change Management 3

4 Current Future 5 Incidents and Changes Compare Changes to Incidents 21 21 22 25 30

17 17 16 17 17 Change Incident 12 10 8 9 10

10 9 10 11 12 11 11 3 1 2 3

4 5 6 5 6 7 6 7 8 9 10

10 10 10 11 12 13 14 14 14 15 14

15 15 Record Count 18 19 20 0 2007 42 2007 43 2007

44 2007 45 2007 46 2007 47 2007 48 2007 49 2007 50 2007

51 2008 1 2008 2 2008 3 2008 4 Year Week 2008 5 2008

6 2008 7 2008 8 2008 9 2008 10 2008 11 2008 12 2008

13 2008 14 2008 15 Sample Financial Plan Financial Plan through 2012 Cost 2012 Cost 2011 Cost 2010 Cost

2009 2008 $0 Cost $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000 Lessons Learned Define Service Dont under estimate the power of a good definition Who Owns Quick Wins IT Business Representatives

One conversation is never enough You are already doing this Now well do it consistently Summary of Benefits Enable researcher success Unify IT Increase customer satisfaction Stabilize IT environment Access IT knowledge Simplify IT maintenance Questions

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