Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Biology

Foccus Questions What is Biology and what sciences make up biology? 2. What makes an experiment scientifically valid? 3. - How do scientists determine if an organism is living? Biology Biology- Study of all living things 40 million organisms- 2 million have been identified Branches of Biology Ecology-study of living organisms and their interaction with

their environment Zoology- Study of animals. Entomology- Study of insects Botany- Study of Plants Anatomy- Study of the body 6 kingdoms 1. Plants 2. Eubacteria

3. Archeabacteria 4. Protista 5. Animalia 6.

Fungi Characteristics of Living Things 1. Made of cells a. Unicellular: one-celled b. Multicellular: Many celled c. Many different types of cells 2. Use Energy a. Metabolism: sum of all of the chemical processes that occur in the organism:

(digestion, ingestion, egestion) 3. Homeostasis: Maintain stable internal conditions. ie: temperature and water Characteristics of Life Cont 4. Grow and Develop a. Increase in cell size and cell number 5.

Reproduction a. Necessary for species to continue b. sexual: involves union of gametes, genetically different asexual: does not involve the union of gametes, genetically same Characteristics of Living Things Cont 6. Heredity: Pass characteristics or traits from one generation to the next.

a. Genes: sets of inherited instructions for making proteins b. DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid- determines traits c. Mutations: a change in the DNA of a gene 7. Adapt a. Organisms have evolved or adapted to live and interact with their environments and other organisms.

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