Intelligence What makes us smart? Or not so smart? How do we Assess Intelligence? use program 16 Alfred Binet set out to figure out a concept called a

mental age (what a person of a particular age should know). He discovered that by discovering someones mental age they can predict future performance (motivation?). Hoped they could use test to the French educational system.

Lewis Terman Adapted Binets tests for use in the United States The test reported intelligence as a calculated IQ score Called the StanfordBinet Intelligence Test Terman and his IQ Test Used Binets

A 8 year old has a research to mental age of 10, construct the what is her IQ? modern day IQ test A 12 year old has called the Stanfordthe mental age of Binet Test. 9, what is his IQ? IQ=Mental A boy has the

age/Chronological mental age of 10 age X 100. and an IQ of 200, how old is he? Theories of Intelligence No one real definition Fluid versus Crystallized

Intelligence 4 main theoretical concepts of intelligence. Psychometric Theories of Intelligence Crystallized intelligence The knowledge a person has acquired, plus the ability to access that knowledge

Fluid intelligence The ability to see complex relationships and solve problems Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2007 Charles Spearman and his G factor crash course Jack Bauer is

good at torturing, bomb defusing, shooting, figuring out evil plots and saving the country (and he is good looking). Is there anything he cannot do? Used factor

analysis and discovered that what we see as many different skills is actually one General Intelligence. If you are good at one subject you are usually good at many others.

Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner disagreed with Spearmans g and instead came up with the concept of multiple intelligences. He came up with the idea by studying savants (a condition where a person

has limited mental ability but is exceptional in one area).example Howard Gardner and Multiple Intelligences Battle of the Brains-50 min.questions in APSI folder Gardner believed that there exists at least 7 different types of intelligences.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Linguistic Logical-mathematical

Spatial Musical Body-kinesthetic Intrapersonal Interpersonal Naturalist Robert Sternberg and his Triarchic Theory Most commonly accepted theory

today. Three types of intelligence 1. Creative 2. Analytical 3. Practical Goleman and delayed gratification Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. Maybe EQ is a better predictor for future success than IQ.defined w. examples American examples

Normal Curve Normal Curve Normal Curve Normal Curve Normal Curve Normal Curve

Normal Distribution go back How do we construct an Intelligence Test? crash course Standardized: the questions have been piloted on similar

populations and the scores fall on a normal distribution. Reliable: Test-Retest, Split-halves Methods. Validity: Content, Predictive (or Construct.) Types of Tests Aptitude

Measure ability or potential. Achievement Tests that measure what you have learned. Does Intelligence Change Over Time?

By age 3, a childs IQ can predict adolescent IQ scores. Depends on the type of intelligence, crystallized or fluid. Wechsler Tests

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) consists of 11 subtests and cues us in to strengths by using.. Factor Analysis WISC(Wechsler Intelligence Scale

for Children) go back Intelligence Extremes LOW Mental Retardation (IQ below 70) Only about 1% of humans

More males than females HIGH Studies have shown that they are well-adjusted Some are more isolated, introverted, etc.

Brain Size and Intelligence Is there a link? Small +.15 correlation between head size and intelligence scores (relative to body size). Using an MRI we found +.44

correlation with brain size and IQ score. Heritability Heritability Nature vs. Nurture Identical Twins reared apart have more similar IQ than Fraternal Twins reared together

Fraternal Twins reared together have more similar IQ than other types of siblings reared together. Siblings reared together have more similar IQ than unrelated individuals reared together Correlation between parent/ child diminished amongst non-biological parent/child

with age. Conclusion? Genetics and Environment play a factor The extent to which each affects intelligence varies with individual situations

The Flynn Effect CREATIVITY convergent.divergent thinking Almost impossible to define. Little correlation between creativity and intelligence.

Convergent Thinking versus Divergent Thinking Divergent Thinking used to solve problems that have multiple solutions its use requires creativity or thinking

outside the box Convergent Thinking both are types of thinking used to solve problems / answer

questions How would you use both to win a couples dance contest? used to solve problems that have

one solution its use requires a narrow focus; the ability to correctly interpret the problem/ question

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