Institutional Repositories - University of Calgary

Institutional Repositories - University of Calgary

Institutional Repositories Preserving Digital Scholarship Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University Kathleen Shearer, Canadian Association of Research Libraries Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Winnipeg, MB, June 2, 2004 What are Institutional Repositories? Provide ongoing access to an institutions scholarly output Articles, working papers, books, theses,

data sets, computer programs Contrasted with learning object repositories (ex. Contrasted with disciplinary archives (ex. Attributes of IRs

Institution-based Open access Managed by libraries and communities within institution Interoperable, standards-based Variety of content How Do IRs Preserve Scholarship?

They dont, without support from the institution They do make scholarship more accessible IR service must be accompanied by sensible preservation strategies (cf. previous speakers) Brief History Eprints archives Eg. arXiv (high energy physics archive) SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and

Academic Resources Coalition) position paper Growth of Institutional Repositories Institutional Archives Registry, 2004 International IR Projects Digital Academic Repositories (DARE) in the Netherlands

Focus on Access to Institutional Resources (FAIR) Programme in the UK DSpace at MIT eScholarship at University of California The CARL Project 6 Operational Institutional Repositories

University of Calgary Universit Laval Universit de Montreal Simon Fraser University University of Toronto University of Waterloo 7 Pilot Projects

University of Guelph University of Manitoba UQAM Queens University York University University of Windsor University of Victoria The CARL Project 8 more in the planning stage. University of Alberta University of British Columbia Carleton University Dalhousie University McGill University

Memorial University University of New Brunswick University of Western Ontario Alberta The CARL Project Communities Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing Graduate Student Association

Department of Engineering Faculty of Education Alberta Gaming Research Institute (AGRI) Institute of Womens Studies and Gender Studies G8 Information Centre The CARL Project Content

Journal articles Learning objects Theses and dissertations Journal issues Photographs Images Conference Paper Music scores Data sets The CARL Project CARL IR Project Harvester

Hosted and managed by Simon Fraser University Library Developed by the Public Knowledge Project at UBC The CARL Project Future Prospects

Cultural shift in the dissemination habits of researchers Apply preservation standards and best practices to content More sophisticated linking between content in institutional repositories and traditional publications The development of disciplinary harvesters for IRs Further growth in the number and size of repositories Further Information

SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) position paper Clifford Lynch, Institutional Repositories: Essential Infrastructure for Scholarship in the Digital Age (Feb 2003) CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) Pilot Project Stevan Harnad, Maximizing University

Research Impact Through Self-Archiving (December 2003)

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