Insects - North Allegheny

Insects - North Allegheny

Insects Chapter 10 Section 3 Arthropods with three body sections, six legs, one pair of antennae, and usually one or two pairs of wings Three body sections are the head, thorax, and abdomen

Body Structure Insects sense organs found in head (eyes/antennae) Two large compound eyes Compound eyes contain many lenses, keen at seeing movement

Body Sections: Head Insects midsection Where wings and legs are attached Only invertebrates that can fly Can travel long distances to find mates, food, and new places to live

Body Structure: Thorax Internal organs found in the abdomen Small holes outside of abdomen allow air, which contains oxygen, to enter the body through tubes

Body Structure: Abdomen If it is living, or if it once was living, some kind of insect will eat it. Mouthparts are adapted for a highly specific way of getting food

Obtaining Food Begin life as tiny, hard-shelled, fertilized eggs Either go through

Complete metamorphosis Gradual metamorphosis Life Cycle 4 different stages: egg, larva, pupa, adult Insect

begins life as a tiny, hard-shelled fertilized egg The eggs hatch into larvae (usually look like worms) Larva will then enter next stage and become a pupa, insect is enclosed in a protective covering Pupa does not eat/barely moves, but it is NOT resting When

development is complete, adult leaves pupal case Complete Metamorphosis No distinct larval stage Egg

hatches into a stage called a nymph Nymph: usually looks like the adult insect without wings Nymph may molt several times before becoming an adult Grasshoppers,

termites, cockroaches, dragonflies Gradual Metamorphosis

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