Information Systems Analysis and Design

Information Systems Analysis and Design

.. [email protected] 5 2012-2013 Stage 1: Investigation of Current Requirements Investigate and Define Requirements Develop BAM Stage 0

Feasibility Investigate Current Processing Investigate Current Data Define Logical View of Current Services Assemble Investigation Results Business Activity Model

. . . .


Stock ..

Stock .

Stock Business Activity Model: workshops Brainstorming

Work practice modelling Business Activity Model , Work Practice Model , , . : (user catalogue) (task models) Work practice modelling D .

. D .. D /

( , , )

( , ) Investigate & Define Requirements - : SRW : . , : , : .., .: 14 : -

9:00-8:00 - <2 : /: --- : .3 : BSO1, 1: stock 2: 3:

4: 5: 6: . 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: Investigate Current Processing (context diagram) 1 ( 0 = , 1)

a Supplier b Purchaser Payment Delivery Note Purchase Order Invoice Delivery Details e Matched Invoice Accounts Rejected P.O. Copy #2

Matched P.O. Copy #2 ZigZag Warehouse System Stock Report d Despatch Note Matched C.O. Copy #1 Customer Customer Order P.O.Quantities b

Purchaser Customer Order c Sales and Marketing e Manager Purchase Order 1 Stock List Stock Clerk Order Stock P.O.

M2 Stock List Stock File d Supplier Purchase Order Delivery 2 Stock Clerk Receive Stock e

Orders Delivered Goods 3 Cashier Sell Stock Sold Goods * Customer Purchase Order Cabinet * Matched Orders

Manager a M1 Bought Goods M2 Stock File Investigate Current Processing Business Activity Models Resource Flow Diagrams Document Flow Diagrams Despatch Supervisor

Sales and Marketing Matched Despatch Rpt Customer Order Despatch Report Matched C.O. Copy #1 Despatch Clerk BAM => DFD Check Delivery 2

Goods Receiving b Supplier Check Delivery Delivery Note Place Goods in Delivery Dock P.O. Copy M1 Matched P.O. Purchase Orders

Allocate Stock Location T2 Matched P.O.s Matched P.O. Remove Goods from Delivery Dock M2 Stock New Stock 3

Stock Keeping Store Stock Store Goods in Depot Investigate Current Processing K Current Physical Data Current Physical Data Flow Model ( ) (Elementary Process Description) I/O /

1.1 1.1 .. . .

.. . .. . . . . .. (<12) Investigate Current Data Logical Data Modelling LDM (Entity Relationship

Diagrams, E-R) : (Logical Data Structure) Investigate Current Data A B A B A B

m:n 1:m 1:1 Investigate Current Data Optionality supplier of Supplier

supplier for supplier of Despatch despatch of Delivered by placed with Purchase Order ordered by despatched

in supplied by ordered by Product customer order for order for results in held as holding of result of delivered by Delivery Stock

delivery of Customer orderer of ordered by Customer Order Investigate Current Data -- (master-detail), , , (access paths),

, .. Investigate Current Data PRODUCT Product Number *Product Type Code Product Name Product Description Release Date Sell-by Date (special promotional products) Sell-from Date Standard Purchase Price Standard Selling Price PRODUCT SUBSTITUTE *Product Number [substitute] *Product Number [substituted] PRODUCT TYPE Product Type Code

Product Type Name Product Type Description DEPOT ZONE Depot Zone Number Depot Zone Description PURCHASE ORDER Purchase Order Number *Supplier Number Suppliers Delivery Reference Purchase Order Date Purchase Order Status Delivery Date Delivery Start Time Delivery End Time SUPPLIER Supplier Number Supplier Name Supplier Address

Supplier Tel. No. Supplier Contact Name SUPPLIER INVOICE *Purchase Order Number Suppliers Invoice Number Invoice Date PURCHASE ORDER ITEM *Purchase Order Number *Product Number *Invoice Number Quantity Required Quantity Confirmed Quantity Delivered Quantity Accepted Invoiced Quantity Agreed Unit Price Required-By Date Required-By Time-Period STOCK

Stock Id *Purchase Order Number *Product Number *Zone Code Quantity Stocked Quantity Stocked Quantity Reserved DEPOT ZONE ALLOCATION *Depot Zone Number *Product Type Code Investigate Current Data : . , , , mandatory/optional. (Read, Create, Delete, Modify)

Derive Logical View of Current Services , . . . Assemble Investigation Results ( ) )

Stage 2: Business System Option Stage 2: Business System Option . . . : Define BSOs: Select BSOs: BSOs

BSOs BSOs "" (project plans) .

BSOs BSO ( , , ): (, ) () BSOs BSO-1: BSO-2: BSO-3: . Id

104 105 106 107 108 109 110 Name System must support up to 100,000 live products Record proposed purchase order Confirm purchase order Record customer order Arrange despatch of customer orders Cust. Orders to be kept 3 months then archived Provide delivery to despatch audit trail BSO 1

BSO 2 BSO 3 BS0 4 X X X X X X X X X

X X X X X X X X X BSOs 2-3 /


Stage 3: Definition of Requirements Stage 3: Definition of Requirements Define required system processing Develop required data model Derive system functions Develop user job specifications Enhance required data model Develop specification prototypes Develop processing specification Confirm system objectives Assemble requirements specification Derive system functions

menu Derive system functions :

On-line Off-line Function Function Input Input Process Update or Events

Enquiry Enquiry Process Triggers Control Syntax Errors Errors Function Definition Boundary Output Event & Valid Process Output Enquiry

Output Integrity Function Errors Error Error Process Output Database 1 Maintain Purchase Order 1.1

b Purchaser P.O.Quantities Product Details Supplier Details Create Proposed Purchase Order 1 Proposed P.O. Availability Supplier Amended P.O. Stock Clerk

Suppliers D6 Depot D1 Purchase Orders 1.2 Confirm Purchase Order Amended P.O. * 2

Delivery Schedule 1.3 Delivery Schedule D7 Purchase Order Delivery Details i Products Depot Address *

a D3 Arrange Delivery * 3 /Function Definition : : 3 : Update/On-Line/User : . /Business Events: ,

: , /System Events: : : : 1.3 ( ) I/O: 3.1 I/O: 1.3, -1.3 : .10 : Function User Role Delivery Scheduler Goods In Clerk Purchaser P. O. Clerk Stock Keeper

Develop user job specifications Enhance required data model (Normalisation) 3NF Develop specification prototypes PROJECT MANAGEMENT Prototyping Scope & Objectives Prototyping Report TEAM LEADER Define/ Redefine

Scope Develop Prototype Demonstrate or Operate USER Review Develop processing specification Stage 4: Technical Systems Options (TSOs)

/ TSO Stage 5: Logical Design Stage 6: Physical Design

(function) (consolidate) SSADM ... . , (, , , ) (;) ( ) SSADM , ( ) ( )


( ) + template hard soft copy SSADM SSADM SSADM

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