Information for Y11 parents 2014-15

Information for Y11 parents 2014-15

Information for Y11 parents 2019-20 Manor CE Academy English Department Staff in the English team Mrs Lowman Director of Learning, 2iC, AAP Mr Metcalfe 2iC Mrs Brown Y11 class teachers Mr Hugill Mrs Jones

Mrs Lowman Mrs McGivern Mr Metcalfe Dr Rock Ms Sullivan [Mrs Bowes Director of Learning on Mat leave] English results August 2019 English Results Overall 9-7: 39.3% 9-5: 78.1% 9-4: 89.6% These are fantastic results!!! GCSE English Language and Literature 100% Examination for both Language and Literature

Closed book exams no texts taken into the exams at all Speaking and Listening accreditation Reported separately on students certificates but not included in the GCSE grade The two English GCSE qualifications English Language English Literature 100% exam 100% exam Two papers Two papers

Paper 1 50% 1hr 45 m FICTION Paper 1 40% 1hr 45 m Sec A: READING Sec B: WRITING Paper 2 50% 1 hr 45 m NON FICTION Sec A: READING Sec B: WRITING Sec A: Shakespeare Sec B: 19th Century Novel Paper 2 60% 2 hr 15 m Sec A: Modern Drama Sec B: Cluster poems Sec C: Unseen poems Notice the

length of this exam! English Language in detail English Language Paper 1 50%, 1hr 45 m Reading and writing skills Paper 2 50%, 1 hr 45 m Reading and writing skills. Two unseen texts: One 19th century non-fiction text and a modern non-fiction text Four questions looking at:

i) ii) iii) iv) One unseen modern fiction text Four questions looking at: Comprehension Language Structure Critical analysis v) Students will then write a descriptive and/or narrative piece based on an unseen picture or task. i) ii)

iii) iv) Comprehension Summary of two texts Language Comparison of Methods v) Students will then write for a given audience and a given purpose. English Literature in detail English Literature Paper 1 40%, 1hr 45m Paper 2 60%, 2 hr 15m

Shakespeare (e.g. Macbeth) A Modern Text (e.g. An Inspector Calls) choice of two A 19th century novel (A Christmas Carol or The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) questions One question per text Closed book exam Comparison of two poems from a cluster of poetry Two unseen poems Closed book exam

Our Y11 plan AUT 1 Poetry and Modern Drama AUT2 SPR 1 MOCK EXAM English Literature Paper 2 Language 19th Century Paper 1 Novel MOCK EXAM English Language Paper 1

SPR 2 Macbeth and 19th Century Novel SUM 1 REVISION SUM 2 EXAMS MOCK EXAM Lit Paper 1 REVISION including Language Paper 2

English Literature Paper 1 Wednesday 13th May 2020 a.m. English Literature Paper 2 Thursday 21st May 2020 a.m. GCSE Dates English Language Paper 1 Tuesday 2nd June 2020 a.m. English Language Paper 2 Friday 5th June 2020 a.m. How can parents / guardians help? Encourage regular reading of quality non-fiction leaflets, Metro, The i newspaper, The Guardian, The Telegraph. (Online versions are usually free) Discuss the issues, audience and purpose of each text this is particularly helpful for English Language Paper 2 Help students to make a manageable plan for re-reading their exam texts (January onwards). Encourage discussion of the texts. See productions of the drama texts and possibly read the texts yourself so that you can have meaningful discussions! Encourage quote learning by allowing posters and displays of key quotes around the house Encourage a high standard of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) in any writing done at home

Remind your young person about regular homework so that they dont feel overwhelmed How can students revise effectively? Re-reading texts is very important (avoid only watching film adaptations as part of revision it can be a very different plot in a film compared to the book). When re-reading, students should keep a notepad handy to jot down any insights or ideas that occur to them and any further useful quotations. To revise poetry, students are best off attempting practice questions, which can be found online or even generated by the students themselves. They should set time limits in line with the exam and use their notes at first before using clean copies of them poems. Recommended revision resources CGP guides available through school

Letts GCSE revision guides York Notes revision guides BBC Bitesize online SparkNotes online Avoid Wikipedia/Yahoo answers If your young person can get hold of their own copy of the literature texts, that is really helpful they can annotate them and fill them with post it notes! Any questions?

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