Infant Nutrition and Formula Feeding

Infant Nutrition and Formula Feeding


Discuss the varied types of infant formula Discuss the preparation steps for infant formula Discuss safety hazards involved in preparing infant formula. What is Formula? Formula Commercially

manufactured milk product Designed to support infant growth Types Cow Milk Soy-based Protein hydrolysate

Why Use Formula? When breastfeeding an infant is not possible or desired If supplemental feeding is desired in addition to breastfeeding Cows Milk Formulas

Most used and best tolerated Cows milk is altered to resemble human milk Cows milk protein allergies are possible Soy-Based Formulas Possible cows milk allergy alternative Vegan infants Cows milk allergies = soy milk allergies

Protein Hydrolysate Formulas Hypoallergenic formulas Family history of milk/soy allergies Cows milk pre-digested Easier to digest Allergic reaction less likely Other Specialized Formulas

Premature infants/babies Infants/babies with specific medical conditions Why Not Regular Cows Milk? Cows milk have too many nutrients for humans Cows milk = iron deficiency

Commercial formulas = known needed nutrients Infants need iron to grow and develop Types of Formula Preparations Powdered Least expensive

1 scoop powdered/2 oz. water Concentrated liquid Most popular 1 ounce formula/1 ounce water Ready-to-feed

Water not needed Most convenient Most sterile for of infant formula Most expensive Generic vs. Brand-Name All infant formula = same nutrient density

Formula Standards Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Raw ingredients may vary DHA and ARA Fatty acids / lipids Naturally passed from mom to infant in

pregnancy Naturally occurring in breastmilk Development of infants eyesight and brain DHA = Docosahexaenoic acid ARA = Arachidonic Acid Long term benefits unknown Probiotics

Promote healthy bacteria growth Mimic immune benefits of breast milk Long term benefits unknown Levels of DHA and ARA All infant formulas sold in the United States use the same source of DHA & ARA.

The only difference among formula brands is the amount of DHA & ARA.

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