IELTS Preparation - Ning

IELTS Preparation - Ning

IELTS Preparation Phyo Wai Thaung Overall Band Score 8.0 Overall Band Score 8.0 Individual Band Score Listening 8.0

Reading 9.0 Writing 7.0 Speaking 7.0 youare areconsidering consideringtototake takethe theIELTS IELTSexam,.. exam,.. IfIfyou How Long? Self-assessment

Requirements for particular study/ university/ country How? Self-study or Tuition Determination & Motivation TestDuration Duration Test Listening (30 min) Reading (60 min) Writing (60 min) Totally in your hands

About 3 hours Speaking test may be on the same day or later Should practice mock tests to be ready before the exam Listening and Reading Marking Schemes Band Score 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 Correct Number

39-40 37-38 35-36 32-34 30-31 26-29 23-25 Band Score 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5

Correct Number 18-22 16-17 13-15 10-12 8-10 6-7 4-5 ListeningPreparation Preparation Listening *The more you listen, the more familiar you will be with different accent. Listen regularly to news channel (BBC World News, CNN,..) and

watch documentaries Know yourself and stress on the specific area you are weak in (Monologue, Dialogue, social talk, academic talk) Dont use earpiece ListeningTips!!! Tips!!!(During (Duringthe thetest) test) Listening Fully concentrate but dont be anxious Reading time (Pause) is the golden opportunity for Prediction Never miss the introductory sentence which can give important clues What is it about?

Who are the ones to speak? Never think about the missing words while the recording goes on ReadingPreparation Preparation Reading How to speed up the reading??? Question First, then Passage Newsweek, Readers Digest, Time IELTS Practice books Install a good dictionary into your mobile phone or tablet Practice like a real exam (3 passages within an hour without a break)

Read under time pressure ReadingTips!!! Tips!!!(During (Duringthe thetest) test) Reading Time Management Vital Order of

Difficulty Less time in 1st two passages More time in final passage Complete Answer Sheet WritingPreparation Preparation Writing Academic Writing Task 1 => Report Writing

Task 2 => Essay Writing Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Be prepared to fulfil all 4 components of marking scheme Task response (Argumentative/ Thesis-led/ Problem-Solution essays) Cohesion and Coherence Grammar Lexical resources (Vocabulary) General knowledge and Rational/Critical thinking Someone to check and give advice WritingTips!!! Tips!!!(During (Duringthe

thetest) test) Writing Plan Write Review Introduction Introduction and and conclusion conclusion should should be be structured

structured in in advance advance Give Give sufficient sufficient time time to to body body paragraphs paragraphs SpeakingPreparation Preparation Speaking

Speaking Test Try to balance in all 4 assessed areas: Fluency and Coherence Part-1 (Social Talk) Lexical Resource Part-2 (Card Talk) Grammatical range and accuracy Part-3 (Discussion) Pronunciation

Practice with a friend or Practice with IELTS Speaking App For Part-2, use a timer for practice and make a gist of talking points for possible topics (Person, Place, Thing, Event, Activity) but not by heart Learn from IELTS Speaking videos from YouTube https:// SpeakingTips!!! Tips!!!(During (Duringthe thetest) test) Speaking Be relaxed Emphasize on Part-1 and Part-2 and present your skills since the beginning Dont give very short answers and reply as completely as possible

Dont make repetition on the same phrase or clause In case of unfamiliar topic, try to answer to the best of your knowledge Use fluency markers wherever appropriate Avoid unnecessary mistakes Word limit Spelling Longer essay doesnt mean better mark Obvious grammar mistakes Memorized answers in speaking UsefulIELTS IELTSPreparation PreparationAids Aidson onGoogle

GooglePlay PlayStore Store Useful IELTS World Power IELTS Speaking ReferenceBooks Books Reference Cambridge IELTS (5-11) >>> IELTS Trainer >>>

Borrow from British Council library <<< Barrons IELTS FreeOnline OnlineCourses Courses Free Road to IELTS (Preparation and Practice) edX IELTS (The University of Queensland)! Usefulwebsites

websites Useful (If subscribed, you will receive updated questions on Writing and Speaking from other test centers around the world) Thank you for your kind attention! Good Luck !!! Phyo Wai Thaung Email: [email protected] Facebook: Phyo Wai Thaung

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