Hydraulic Systems - Loudoun County Public Schools

Hydraulic Systems - Loudoun County Public Schools

Hydraulic Systems The Basics Basic Principles Liquids:

Have no Shape Are incompressible Transmit force in all Directions, Equally Multiply Force F P A

w o H s e do ? k

r o ti w System Parts Advantages & Disadvantages of Hydraulics Advantages: Flexibility

Multiplication of Force Simplicity Compact Economy Safety Disadvantages: Efficiency Cleanliness

Primary Hydraulic Systems Open-Center Systems: Oil is pumped constantly, excess oil is returned to the reservoir. Closed-Center Systems: Oil is pumped on demand, control valve stops oil flow.

Open-Center Systems Simplistic Inexpensive Ineffective with Multiple Applications Variations of Open-Center Systems:

Open-Center with a Series Connection Open-Center with a Series Parallel Connection Open-Center with a Flow Divider Closed-Center Systems No Relief Valves Needed Application can be tailored by restricting flow Specialized functions have more support

Multiple functions can be used at the same time Variations of Closed-Center Systems: Closed-Center with Fixed Displacement Pump and Accumulator Closed-Center with Variable Displacement Pump Hydraulic Facts Mechanical-Hydraulic-Mechanical Inputs and Outputs

Three types of Hydraulic Energy: Potential, Kinetic, & Heat None are created or destroyed, only converted All energy input is converted into an output, gain (work) or loss (heat) A restricted flowing liquid creates heat This also causes a pressure drop

Hydraulic systems must be sealed to work Hydraulic Facts Oil takes the path of least resistance Oil is pushed into a pump, not drawn A pump does not create pressure, it creates flow. Pressure is caused by resistance to flow. These can produce the same power: High pressure & low flow

Low pressure & high flow Two basic types of hydraulics: Hydrodynamics Hydrostatics

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