HSE Committee School and Professional Service Progress Update

HSE Committee School and Professional Service Progress Update

HSE Committee School and Professional Service Progress Update 1500 UG, PG [T&R] and FE Students 80 Academic Staff [72FTE] 19 Technical Staff [17FTE] 19 Administrative Staff [15FTE] Subject Areas: Graphic Communication, Textiles, Fine Art, Drama, English, Publishing, Creative Writing and Art History & Visual Culture Six Creative Hubs supporting Research, Teaching and

Enterprise: Introduction to The School of The Arts, English and Drama Main areas of activity in AED: Taught Delivery H&S Management of: Workshops / Students Inductions / self-directed Student projects / Risk Assessments / COSHH / Waste / Purchasing of materials Research Staff Induction / Management of processes and materials / risk assessments Public Engagement [Pop-Ups and Degree Show] Risk Assessment / Security / Waste management / working at heights / installations/ interaction (ethics)

Short Courses / Evening Classes Inductions / supervision / management of space / Cultural challenges [Joshibi and NAFA in final year this year] Student Placements Employer Insurance and safety inspections / risk assessments HSE KPIs Audits include Environment Audit led by Nik Hunt and the creation of the Risk Register Review of Risk Register planned 17/18 standing item at H&S committee 4 HSE meetings were planned and held in Academic Year 16/17 Sep/Jan/June . The 4th meeting was a single item agenda provide a degree show update. Safety Number of incidents YTD (Jan-Sept 2017) 6 Incident rate per 1,000 staff (Jan - Dec) (all incidents based on 127 school staff) 2.3

No. of staff receiving training 16 training sessions between 11 staff Environment There have been no environmental incidents (Jan Dec) Main Risks Identified in Risk Register Risk Register completed with support of H&S office Sept 2016 under on-going review 24 risks identified 7 red / 14 Amber / 3 Green No consolidated system for recording staff H&S training leading to a lack of confidence in data. Events lack of control over external users activities in performance spaces. Disconnect between academics and health and safety aspects of students work Lack of clarity in respect of maintenance responsibilities around some areas e.g proving systems Lack of continuity in student records relating to disability requirements as students move

from FE programme to UG programme Open site with shared access with Loughborough College. Bulk of HS&E responsibilities within the school managed by a few. Exacerbates difficulties in managing the increasing burden coming from centre e.g compliancy Main Risks Identified in Risk Register cont Permissive approach to events, but not followed through in terms of management Culture lack of academic input to HS&E management as part of student project work Management of ethical and H&S issues in performance work requires improvement Difficulty in managing complex set of highly technical areas with person to area matching very lean staff base. Building security

Purchase of equipment/materials/Substances hazardous to health by staff and students without reference to University policy. Lack of a robust student induction record keeping system Main Risks Identified in Risk Register cont Failure to follow housekeeping requirements robustly/limitations by layout Knowledge of policies and procedures is not comprehensive Bought in staff represent a risk as they are not always given a full induction. Main Environmental Risks Identified Waste management On-going challenges around Degree Show

Management of stocks and materials Storage, risk assessment, COSHH. Updating of all COSHH RAs, Labelling and signage to comply with GHS Progress in Managing Issues Identified

Risk Register discussed at SMT. Move to use of standardised safety committee agenda template. HS&E reported to every SMT HS&E representative now part of School meetings. Improved H&S Information on School Intranet. Strong focus on H&S as part of Staff Induction. Updated information for students in Handbooks. Independently created asset register to better understand areas which are and are not being managed. Ongoing development of clean flow diagrams for student Projects, events, purchase of all materials including COSHH and for the safe use of portable electrical appliances. Progress in Managing Issues Identified Improved deployment of technical staff to increase supervision around high demand/high risk areas.

Full student induction across FE and UG and PGT (and PGR on individual basis as notified by supervisor). 7 March 2017 Presentation to key academic, technical and admin staff by leading health and safety lawyer (Ron Reid). Emphasis on changing culture and encouragement of early engagement with students. Presentation and USHA circulated to all staff and added to LEARN and Workspaces The further involvement of Programme Directors in the Degree Show H&S walk round team with Dean, H&S manager fire officer etc. so as to enable immediate action Track attendance numbers for the degree show P.Vs at point of entry. Ongoing development of focused online resources for staff and students in the school Improved system for recording inductions supported by admin staff. Details of any significant Incidents or Near Misses in the last Year and Response to those Incidents

Darkroom issue Full investigation involving senior management as described in University policy and recommendations put in place. (Dec 16) Photography project in Fine Art Managed incident as a team to prevent further risk Developing mechanisms (May 16) Epoxy Resin Spill FE programme Leads on permanent contracts and provided with information regarding facilities and H&S practice in the school. (May 16) Minor burn from plastics oven action as above (May 16) Kiln fire incident dealt with by Security.

Investigated and controls put in place to prevent reoccurrence (March 16) 2017 Degree show housekeeping issues linked to fire safety. Dealt with on eve of event, investigated and risk assessment reviewed and amended. Report generated for future reference and learning (May16) Significant Achievements / Practices that Other Areas Could Learn From Asset register Given clarity to AED and FM Changing cultures to embed the significance of H&S [raising awareness] supported by external presentation. Shared School wide. H&S will be a standing item on every committee We do not work in isolation work with HS&E and invite their input.

Ops manager and SSO sit on central H&S committees Updated JDs for technical staff are explicit regarding H&S responsibility. Increased placement activity supported through central resource. Outstanding Priorities / Challenges Multi-site [4 buildings] Shared with Loughborough College Layout and age of buildings Student work-flow guides focusing on:

Student projects Events Purchasing and storage of materials [COSHH] Portable Appliance Testing electrical safety. Resource to continually manage H&S both within the Schools, and demands to be more compliant

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