Homeroom/ Study Hall

Homeroom/ Study Hall

DEBATE AC ELA What is a resolution? A resolution is a statement of value. For example, Be it resolved, that the federal government of the United States should legalize marijuana. Be it resolved, that when in conflict, the right to a fair trial ought to take precedence over freedom of speech.

How large is a team? Each team usually consists of two debaters, which equals a total of four. One team is called the Affirmative (proposition side). The other team is called the Negative (neg. side). How long is a round? What are

components of a round? A round consists of eight speeches. The first of four speeches are called constructive speeches. This is when teams state their most important arguments. The last four speeches are called rebuttals; teams are expected to extend and apply arguments that have already been made, rather than make new arguments.

Example of a Round Speech: 1AC 1NC 2AC 2NC 1NR 1AR 2NR 2AR Time: 2 2 2 2 2

2 2 2 min. min. min. min. min. min. min. min. Debate Process The affirmative team both begins and ends the debate. The negative team has two speeches in a row: the first negative rebuttal (1NR) immediately follows the second negative

constructive (2NC). In general, the members of each team alternate giving speeches so that the same person give both the 1AC and 1AR, etc Note: For the sake of time, we are omitting cross examinations. Style Team policy debate is focused on gathering evidence and organizing ideas. Each team member must clearly articulate

his/her views and provide substantial evidence to back up any claims that are made. Eye contact, poise/posture, voice projection/ articulation, confidence, and attire are vital, as well! Note: Research, research, research! Provide evidence that is factual and can be supported with valid evidence.

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