History of Sports - taylor.k12.ky.us

History of Sports - taylor.k12.ky.us

History of Sports Mr. Young Sociology Ancient Sports These are some sports est. to be over 2500 years

old Hurling in Ireland Harpastum In Rome Cuju in China Polo in Persia Also Wrestling

Ancient Egyptian Sports Helped to start many of the games we play today Pharaohs enjoyed going to sporting events Included: hockey, handball, gymnastics, fishing, boxing,

weightlifting, archery, and high jump Egyptian sports Ancient Greece Some of their games include, field hockey, high diving, and animal fighting

Started the Olympic games (every 4 years) that was held between different city-states in Greece Believed that Hercules helped create the games in honor of father Zeus

Featured events such as running, pentathlon (jumping, discus, javelin, foot race, and wrestling) Ancient Greece Ancient Greece Cont

First record of Olympic champion was Corebus, a cook, who won the one and only event, the 210 yard dash, in 776 BC Continued every 4 years for 1200 years

until Emperor Theodius I abolished the games because viewed as pagan traditions Olympics Videos http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=K8ztMlmavBw

Ancient Mayans Ancient Mayans Invented game called The Ball Game

Rubber ball about 20 inches in diameter Played on a stone court with sloping walls and stone rings

Ancient Mayans Could not use hands to get ball through ring and must not let the ball hit the ground Usually one goal ended the game Winners treated as

heroes and a feast Losers punished severely, leaders usually lost their lives Mayan Ball Game Video http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Bw24y2MLiFE

History of Golf Began on the east coast of Scotland, 15th century Started by using rounded stick and hitting pebbles First club (gentlemen Golfers of Leith (1744))

Royal and Ancient club of St. Andrews (Old Tom Morris) 4 Majors: US Open, British Open, Masters, and PGA Championship Important People: Bobby Jones, Lord Byron Nelson,

Jack Nicklaus, Eldrick Woods History of Baseball Based on Rounders in England Alexander Cartwright was first to organize a list of rules Civil War helped to bring momentum

to the game Cincinnati Red Stockings were first professional team Important People: Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson Baseball

History of Football Descended from Ancient Greek Game Harpastum Nov 6, 1869 Rutgers and Princeton played first intercollegiate game Walter Camp, coach at Yale National Football League (NFL) formed in 1920

Football History of Soccer Cuju in China played around 2nd century BC Ancient Greeks and Romans had Pheninda, a combo of soccer and rugby

Modern soccer started in England in the 19th century FIFA formed in May 21, 1904 World Cup founded in 1930, played every 4 years: Brazil has most wins (5) Soccer

History of Basketball History of Basketball Invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 Created as a game for children to play in

Mass. during the winter Spread globally during WWII First Pro league started in 1890 UK first team was in 1903, but Adolph

Rupp would arrive in 1930

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