History of Mental Health - University of Richmond

History of Mental Health - University of Richmond

Stickiness, the Locked Door, and Monkey See, Monkey Do The Locked Door: The Secret Life of Snap Decisions Primed for Action & Scrambled Sentences: (1) aggressively, bold, rude, bother, disturb intrude, infringe (2) respect, considerate, appreciate, patiently, yield, polite, courteous

Steel & Aronsons Stereotype Threat Race identification and educational performance The Stickiness Factor Sesame Street as an educational virus that triggered a learning epidemic The stickiness of a message is a measure of how memorable it is. e.g., Yale University tetanus shot experiment and the clutter problem e.g., URs 2005 be careful when walking email after it snowed

Stickiness Factor & Sesame Street Kids dont watch t.v. when they are stimulated and look away when theyre bored. They watch when they _________ and they look away when theyre __________. Sesame Streets innovative blend of Muppets and adults grew out of a desperate desire to be sticky. each shows success was based on eye-tracking research Blues Clues

Stickiness How are Sesame Street and Blues Clues different? The Wisdom of Crowds: Independence finding the party on Friday and Saturday nights and the herds of UR students wandering around campus in something of a circular mill

herding and NFL coaches 4th down decisions imitation and social proof e.g., Milgrams staring into the empty sky experiment crowd sizes and responses ( 1 person = tiny fraction of public) ( 5 persons = 4 times as many) (15 persons = 45% stopped and stared) (20 persons = 80% stopped and stared)

The Wisdom of Crowds: Independence information cascades (aggregate information like the Stock Market or casinos or voting systems) e.g., plank roads (8 vs. 4 years durability) e.g., telecoms and 1,000% annual growth good information cascades e.g., the humble screw

Collective decisions are most likely to be good ones when theyre made by people with diverse opinions reaching independent, non-sequential conclusions, relying primarily on their own private information. Malcolm Gladwells Blink and Thin Slicing Our brain uses two very different strategies to make sense of many situations and to process the extraordinary amount of data we are constantly processing: (1) conscious and (2) unconscious The latter operates entirely below the surface of consciousness . Fast and Frugal: you often know something and respond accordingly before you fully understand and can explain it

Speed-Dating, the Storytelling Problem, and Group Decision-Making Task: (1.) break into teams of 2 students (2.) come up with 1 question that you would want to ask everyone you met in a speed-dating

scenario (3.) vote as a class (crowd) on the 4 favorite questions (4.) try to come up with reasons for your preferencesvotes

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