Act 3 Hamlet Key Ideas Nemesis Foils Disease and Corruption Women Hamlet as Tragic Hero Appearance

vs Reality Scene 1 Considerations To be or not to be? Does Hamlet know hes being spied on at this point? Does it matter? What does his soliloquy reveal about his beliefs? (III.i.58)

Scene 1 Considerations What is Ophelia most guilty of according to Hamlet? Is this a fair accusation? How do we explain Hamlets behaviour? Scene 2 Considerations

Hamlet the director: What evidence does Hamlets advice to the actors give us about how Shakespeare himself wanted to see plays performed? Hamlet and Horatio: (3.2. 66-69) What is that he values so much about Horatio? Claudiuss reaction to the play? Is this the confirmation that Hamlet needs?

Scene 2 Considerations Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: (3.2.335338) Hamlet: 'Sblood, do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe? Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me,

yet you cannot play upon me. Scene 2 Considerations So is Hamlet crazy or not? Tis now the very witching time of night (3.2. 350-359) Why is Hamlet going to Gertrude now? Why not go and kill Claudius

right away? Scene 3 Considerations Claudiuss confession: What is he guilty of and how does he feel about it? (3.3.37-73) Why doesnt Hamlet kill Claudius now? Is his explanation reasonable? And so he goes to heaven./And so am I revenged. That would be scanned. (3.3.75-76)

Claudius My words fly up, my thoughts remain below./ Words without thoughts never to heaven go. (3.3.98-99) Scene 4 Considerations What is revealed about the relationship between Hamlet and his mother? What does he tell her to do (or rathertell her not to do)? Did Polonius deserve what happened to him?

How does Hamlet feel about it?

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