Guantanamo Bay - Watertown City School District

Guantanamo Bay - Watertown City School District

Political Round Table Get into Groups and continue working on the round table sheets. Once finished you may use the time as a study hall. I will be selecting ONE packet per group so make sure everyones is done to the best of your abilities to maximize your grade. Jayna Ryan Hassan Sareh Jillian

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Evan Thomas Mathias Destiny Megan Bernie Sanders' plan to win New York: Get highest voter turnout in primary history "A week from (yesterday) there's going to be an enormously important Democratic primary in New York State,"

Sanders said toward the end of his speech. "What we have found is we win when voter turnout is high, we lose when it is low. Next Tuesday, let us come out in large numbers. Let us have the highest voter turnout in Democratic primary history in New York." Think about it: Why does Sanders win states when there is a HIGH voter turnout? Delegate Count Updates

If you take out the Superdelegate pledges Sanders is only trailing by 251. NYs primary April 19th puts another 291 delegates up for grabs (163 pledged). NY is Trigger state, if a candidate wins more than 50% they get all the pledged delegates. Guantanamo Bay Americas controversial detention facility has drawn international

condemnation. However, many Americans and American Congress members resist closing the camps. Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) Guantanamo Bay is a Naval Base located on the Island of Cuba. The US first gained control of Guantanamo Bay in 1903 during the Spanish American War. The land was leased to the US under a perpetual agreement. In 2002 The US began detaining suspected terrorists and prisoners from the War on Terror at Gitmo.

Luxuries of home Despite a long lasting embargo against Cuba, the American Naval base is fully loaded with the comforts of home. Naval personnel have access to American restaurants such as McDonalds and Subway. They also have internet access and play video games and catch the latest movies. However, the embargo with Cuba does limit trade, and all goods including food must be shipped from mainland America. The Prison: Gitmos Camp Delta The prison was first opened in 2002 and was the ideal

place for the US government to hold suspects terrorists and affiliates. This prison Is isolated, easily defended and extremely well guarded. Even better, it is not on US soil Civil Right Loop Hole Despite being the perfect logistical location for suspected terrorists, Gitmo also represents a unique loophole for Civil Rights of war prisoners. Because Gitmo is not on US soil, but rather Cuban soil leased by America, the US government is under no obligation to guarantee the same Civil Rights that American citizens get to the prisoners. Even illegal immigrants and visiting tourists on US soil have more rights

than the Gitmo prisoners. At Guantnamo, the U.S. government hold[s] detainees in a place neither U.S. nor international law applied. Torture, indefinite sentences, habeas Corpus The 8 Amendment guarantees freedom from cruel and unusual punishments, but in Gitmo, the Constitution

th does not apply. The prison has been accused of several crimes including enhanced interrogation techniques such as water boarding, 20+ hour interviews, beatings, forced shaving, and using detainees individual phobias to induce stress (such as a fear of dogs). In addition to cruel and unusual treatments, the detainees are also being held without submitting charges in the court of law, and with indefinite sentences. By not charging the prisoners with wrongdoing the US government is violating Habeas Corpus. Without formal charges, the detainees will not go to trial or be processed through legal channels.

Hunger Strikes and Forced Feedings With few legal resources available, many of the prisoners have gone on voluntary hunger strikes to protest their indefinite sentences. At one point, over 2/3 of detainees were on hunger strikes. To prevent their deaths, the naval personnel must force feed the hunger strikers. To close, or not to close When President Obama first took office in 2008 he promised to shut down Guantanamo Bays prison. Almost 8 years later, and the president has been unable to close the detention facility. There are many things to consider, including the fact that more than 50 of these prisoners are far too dangerous to ever have a chance at escape or freedom.

In order to close the camps the US government must transfer or free the prisoners. Few countries want to take the more dangerous and prolific prisoners, and few prisons in the US seem ideal. Especially because American prisons are surrounded by American Communities. Most Americans do not want Terrorists living down the street, even if it is in a prison. International Attention Many American Allies and even the UN have expressed concern over Guantanamo Bay and the lack of human rights afforded to the prisoners there. As international criticism has grown the population of Gitmo has declined. Obama has been able to transfer out over 100 prisoners to other countries and prisons.

Is it really that bad? While criticism for Guantanamo Bay was at fever pitch in its early years, it hasnt been that bad in recent years as there has been a dedicated effort to clean up the base and its prison workings. Today, there are 89 detainees. These detainees have a dedicated cultural representative, appropriate food options, recreation time, even a PlayStation and games. In recent years the most reoccurring grievance against Gitmo is that the prisoners have not been charged with a crime, nor have they been given definite prison terms. Emptying out Congress and President Obama have consistently been transferring detainees out of the prison. On April 4, 2016 two prisoners were sent to Sengal, Africa. Transfers are not easy; easy transfer must be sent in front of a

six-agency Review Board to determine whether to try or release each detainee. Fears are rising that released prisoners may return to the battlefields and engage in terrorist activities. Of the 680 former detainees, 204 have engaged in jihadist activities (or 30%). Possible Future? With the possibility that the Gitmo prison will be closed there are a number of potential future uses for the leased land. One of the most promising is the possibility of establishing protected area for environmental research. The land would be used to study biodiversity and climate change. Debate

Read the debate in Upfront Magazine and write a 1 paragraph response explaining your opinion of Guantanamo Bay and whether it should be shut down, or kept open. Debate Read the debate in Upfront Magazine and write a 1 paragraph response explaining your opinion of Guantanamo Bay and whether it should be shut down, or kept open.

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