Greek Mythology and the Odyssey - PC\|MAC

Greek Mythology and the Odyssey - PC\|MAC

Greek Mythology and the Odyssey The Odyssey 1. Epic poem- long, narrative poem that tells about the adventures of a hero who reflects the ideals and values of a nation or race. 2. Composed sometime around 800 B.C. 600 B.C. 3. Composed by Homer a. Homer did not create the Odyssey, he simply wrote it down. However, Homer was rumored to be a blind storyteller. He would NOT have been able to write. b. The Odyssey was being told orally through storytellers long before Homer wrote it down

Characteristics of the EPIC: 1.Has an epic hero Other National EPICS are: Greek = The Iliad by Homer Spanish = El Cid 2. Often written in poetry form but not always 3. Often includes myths, legends, and history Roman = The Aeneid by Virgil American = Forest Gump 4. Usually has a serious tone and language 5. Deals with a quest 6. Often based on some

truths 7. Includes epithets & flashbacks 8. Usually involves a battle and oftentimes a single combat like Achilles English = Harry Potter Series Percy Jackson & Olympians Series Epic Hero 1. A larger-than-life figure, usually male, who embodies the ideals of a nation or race. 2. Take part in long, dangerous adventures and accomplish great deeds that require courage and superhuman strength. 3. Often, the divine world of the gods or other supernatural forces will interfere with the human world

of the epic hero. Some epic heroes: - Harry Potter - Frodo from Lord of the Rings - Luke Skywalker from Star Wars Epic Simile Simile- comparison of two unlike things that uses the word like or as. of Epic Similean elaborate, more involved version a regular simile. - great length and detail - extends for several lines - also called the Homeric Simile Just as an angler poised on a jutting rock flings his treacherous bait in the offshore swell, whips his long rodhook sheathed in an oxhorn lure and whisks up little fish he flips on the beach-break,

writhing, gasping out their lives . . . so now they writhed, gasping as Scylla swung them up her cliff and there at her caverns mouth she bolted them down raw screaming out, flinging their arms down toward me, lost in that mortal struggle . . . Epithets Epithetsbrief, descriptive phrases that helped to characterize a particular person or thing. - repetition of a phrase Odysseus is described as: master mariner old contender man of twists and turns great tactician - remember: he initiated the idea of the Trojan horsesource of the Greeks defeating Troy The Iliad and the Trojan War

Trojan War may have occurred around 1200 B.C. and established the background for Homers epics The mini-version of the Legend is Paris, Prince of Troy and son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, fell in love with another mans wife and took her back to his kingdom of Troy with the interference of Helen, known as the most beautiful woman and the face that launched a 1,000 ships runs away with Paris and her absence enrages her husband Family LoyaltyHow far would a person

go for his brother? Menalaus, King of Sparta, is upset and seeks the advice of his brother Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, who is power hungry and wants control of all lands, especially Troy; he convinces his jilted brother to go after his wife and wage a war against Troy to get her back and regain some of the dignity his brother has lost. Together they utilize their power as kings to gather as many great warriors to Agamemnon The war lasted 10 years, during which time many heroes emerged. Fighting for the Greeks ( Under rule of King

Agamemnon) Odysseus (the hero of The Odyssey) Ajax (almost giant like warrior who was unable to kill the greatest Trojan warrior but wounded him) AJAX Achilles (the Greek hero of The Iliad and the greatest warrior) Fighting for the Trojans Brothers Prince Hector and Prince Paris Prince Hector (the greatest Trojan warrior) defends his country to the death Prince Paristhe

one who brought Helen to his kingdom and brought destruction to his home The Iliad and the Trojan War The Iliad Homers 1st Epic Serves as a prequel to The Odyssey The epic only deals with about 20 days in the 10th and final year of the Trojan War Homer concentrates on one main Greek hero, Achilles, and one main opposing hero for the Trojans, Hector. As the epic begins, Achilles is furious with King Agamemnon over a slave girl, Briseis, and sulking in his tent, refusing to fight.**The epic begins in the middle or in media res** The Trojans start winning and beating back the Greeks.

But, when Hector kills Achilles best friend, Patroclus, Achilles becomes enraged and returns to battle for the sole purpose of destroying Hector. The Horse That Ended The War After Hector is killed, unless the Greeks get inside the walls of Troy, the war would most likely continue. Odysseus, King of Ithaca and a master strategist devises the plan of building a giant Trojan horse to represent a gift to the Trojans. As the Trojans believe

that the Greeks have given up and decided to go back home, they wheel the large wooden horse inside the walls of Troy. While the Trojans are sleeping, after a night of partying and celebrating the end of the war, several Greeks, led by Odysseus, crawl out of the horse, open the gates, and after a massive amount of bloodshed, Troy burns and the Trojan War ends

Hubris is excessive pride or arrogance It can lead to rash behavior and to not thinking clearly in seriousFLAW HUBRIS AS A CHARACTER AGAMEMNONKing of Mycenae situations Allows his pride to get the better of him when he refuses to give Chryseis back causing disease and fire to rain down on the Greeks, courtesy of the god Apollo. Once he does he give her back, he takes someone elses girl causing another big problem for the Greeks. OdysseusHero in The Odyssey

also exhibits hubris which angers the gods and leads to many difficulties and ACHILLESHe allows his pride of losing his slave girl Briseis and love interest to Agamemnon get the best of him and refuses to continue fighting at Troy.until his dear friend is slain by the Trojan Prince Hector causing his desire for revenge and eventually his death all because of pride

What is the Odyssey about? - Tells of Odysseus adventures as he makes his way home from Troy He was gone for a total of 20 years 10 years at war and 10 more years trying to get home - He has a fleet of 12 ships carrying about 720 men - Back at home (Ithaca) - Penelope (wife of Odysseus) and Telemachus (son of Odysseus) are waiting for Odysseus return while suitors have taken over Ithaca, hoping that she will marry one of them - Odysseus encounters many mythical beings and has to fight his own personal demons and overcome his own character flaws during his return home

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