OverDrive Getting Started with OverDrive Learning Objectives Know how to get started with OverDrive Read. Know how to get started with OverDrive Listen. Find more help! 2 Your starter kit

1 2 3 Device Student Login (PAL) 3

Find a Title Visit: Explore books by: Or search by title or author: 4 Find a Title You can also search for OverDrive titles from the WRDSB Library Learning Commons. Search for a book at your library.

Limit collection type to eBook and click refresh. Select Connect to resource to sign into your OverDrive account and borrow the book. 5 Find a Title Click Sample to read the beginning of a book before Borrowing. Check the book format to see if it an eBook or an Audiobook. FIlter searches to see one

format at a time: 6 Borrow a Title Borrow directly from book jacket. OR Click for more information,

then click Borrow. 7 Enjoy the Title DISABLED at school Return early to take Return early to take out a different book. out a different book.

Note: Downloading is disabled while at school (because of sharing devices). Click READ instead! You can download titles into the OverDrive App. You must do so from home. This is not supported by ITS at school. 8 OverDrive READ Read instantly. No set-up needed. Read on virtually any device. Read anywhere. Sync across sessions + devices.

OverDrive READ Video 9 OverDrive READ Features Click or tap the right or left edges of the eBook to turn the pages.

Click or tap and hold a word to define it, make a note, or highlight some text. On larger screens, click or tap the bookmark icon to save a bookmark. On smaller screens, tap the top-right corner of the screen to save a bookmark. OverDrive READ Features Click or tap the middle of the screen to bring up the seekometer, which lets you scroll quickly through the book and see where

you've made bookmarks and highlights. Directly above the seekometer, you'll see the timeline, which you can also use to scroll through the book or select the markers to jump to your previous (or furthest reading position). OverDrive READ Menu On smaller screens, tap the middle of the screen, then tap the menu icon.

Large Screens Overview: Read a summary of the eBook Search: Look for a word or phrase in the eBook text.

Chapters: Browse the eBook's table of contents and quickly jump to chapters. Marks: View the bookmarks, notes, and highlights you've placed in the eBook. Click one to return to that part of the book. Readability Settings: Adjust the eBook's text size, lighting, and font (available for most eBooks).

12 Readability Settings In many OverDrive Read eBooks, you can adjust the readability settings to change how the eBook looks. Text scale: Use the slider to adjust the size of the text in the eBook. Lighting: Choose day (black text on a white background) or night (white text on a black background).

Book design: Choose a preset design you like, or select DIY to customize font, justification, and line spacing. 13 OverDrive LISTEN Listen to audiobooks instantly in a compatible web browser. No set-up, software, or apps needed. Create bookmarks, highlights, & notes. Adjust audio settings. Sync across sessions and devices.

*OverDrive Listen requires an internet connection. 14 OverDrive LISTEN Features 15 The Bookshelf Visit your Bookshelf to:

To see your Bookshelf click your Account: See all the books you have checked out to Read. Add a Title See your Holds

Change your Settings 16 Account Features 17 Help Resources

More help is available from the Overdrive website. Just click help at the top of your screen! Or visit: 18

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