Germ Buster - PC\|MAC

Germ Buster - PC\|MAC

GERMS Kindergarten & First Grade Standard 9: The student will understand attitudes and behaviors for preventing and controlling disease. The student will:

9.1 Identify and define common germs pathogens 9.2 Identify how germs are spread 9.3 Identify habits that will promote disease prevention ESSENTIAL QUESTION Why is it important to protect your

body from germs? GERMS If you have ever had a bad cold or have been sick raise your hand.. Now show me with your face how it

feels to be sick! My face looks like this when Im sick.. Do you know what makes you sick?

GERMS can make you sick! Germs are very, very small. so small you cant

see them ! !!!

!! Where are GERMS? Germs are in the AIR; on the things we TOUCH, and in BODILY FLUIDS.

What are Bodily Fluids? Bodily Fluids are mucus (snot, boogers etc.), blood, urine and poop that comes from our body.

Lets watch Sids Journey through Germs to see how germs are spread. What did the video teach us about how germs are spread?

Germs are spread by: Coughing and Sneezing Handshaking Touching things or bodily fluids.

Toileting without washing your hands. Eating without washing your hands.

How did the people in the video protect themselves from getting germs? Cough and sneeze in your elbow please! Wash your hands!

When should you wash your hands? Before and After Eating Before and after going to the bathroom After coughing, sneezing or

blowing your nose After playing outside or with toys After touching pets Who knows how to wash their hands properly?

Lets watch and see. Lets review how to wash our hands. Lets practice together. As we spell G E R M S. Step 1 Get your hands wet

while the water is running. Step 2 Energetically use soap and rub your hands together washing

vigorously for 18-20 seconds; include wrists, back of hands, between your fingers and under the fingernails. A good way to make sure you wash long enough is to count to 20 or hum a short song twice,

such as Happy Birthday. Step Three Rinse your hands and

let the water drip into the sink. Step Four Make sure you dry your hands with an individual towel or paper towel. Step Five

Shut off the faucet handle with the used towel and throw your paper towel in the trash. Lets review what we

learned about GERMS. What is a GERM? How do GERMS spread? How do we prevent GERMS? 2012 Power Point Presentation developed by Jill King for

Hamilton County Dept. of Education using current Physical Education Standards and internet based materials.

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