Gender Review- Speak Novel

Gender Review- Speak Novel

Gender Review- Speak Novel January 5th Agenda Learning Target: By the end of this class you will be able to define and create an example of symbolism. You will also be able to visually express the differences between what the media projects onto the consumer and what is missing from their

message. Review the role of women in media (movies) Normalization and Objectification Bechdel Test Poster Activity Speak novel

Symbolism- what is symbolism? Tattoos Bechdel Test What was the last movie that you saw? List of Movies:

Bechdel Test http:// Leaders of North America- small

pool to pull from. Conclusions What is normal? Are we objects?

Our lead character in Speak is no different than us and is heavily influenced by these messages. She is struggling with what is normal. What kind of person is she? What kind of girl, considering what has happened to her the summer before she begins high school (grade 9). Speak Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak- some things to notice We will not be reading this cover to cover Passage to Passage Doing the Book vs. Examining the book Plot Summary

14 year old girl in grade 9, first year of high school Previously she had had a group of friends, but the events of the summer has drastically changed her social and personal experience. In the aftermath of the summer she is suffering from Selective Mutism School is divided into clans- She only enjoys Art class Cracking the Spine

How is it structured? 4 Marking Periods Report Cards Strong Symbolism and motif of Tree and Voice

Symbolism Symbol- A thing the represents or stands for something else. -A material object that represents an abstract concept -When an object or image is infused with meaning based on its inherent attributes.

Tattoos: Intriguing Symbols Tattoos are often very simple images, but they are loaded with specific and personal meaning that you wouldnt know until you ask. You will be designing your own tattoo- packed with meaning that you can explain to another person.

Spring Summer During Viewing Gender Roles Character: _____________________

Fall Winter Spring Summer

Fall Winter The Symbol of the Tree Spring

Summer Fall Winter

Re-Do Day English works slightly differently since there are no tests. Memoir is your re-do opportunity and you must conference with me in order for me to accept your revised work. You have the opportunity to up your grade.

Everything is due on Fri1day January 16th Film Viewing As you watch the movie you will be taking notes on one specific Character. 1. Melinda 2. Heather 3. IT / Andy

4. David 5. Melindas Parents 6. Rachel 7. Mr. Neck Is your character influenced by gender roles? How? Or not? Does Speak pass the Bechdel test?

First Chapter Reading How does medias portrayal of gender need to change? Format it as a letter to the advertising Industry. Dear Industry, (Or you could direct your concerns to a particular company)

1. What is the industry doing right now? What stereotypes are they promoting? 2. What is wrong with these stereotypes? 3. How and why should it change? What are some alternatives? Forceful language, but keep it respectful.

Urgency! This needs to happen now!

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