Functions of the state - socialist perspective

Functions of the state - socialist perspective

Functions of the state socialist Marxistperspective divide the state into two 1. 2. forms-: Capitalist state Socialist state Functions of the state in capitalist state

Repressive functions Economic functions Welfare functions Ideological functions International functions Functions of the state in socialist state

To establish dictatorship of the proletariat Abolition of classes To maintain law and order Judicial functions E4conomic functions Cultural and educational functions To establish socialist social equality Mass media Welfare functions International functions To prepare conditions for the withering away of the state

Critical evaluation of Marxian theory of the functions of the state State is not a bad institution Private property is not bad Revolution methods are not good Dictatorship in any form is bad Ignore the contribution of the capitalist state Workers can be happy even in a capitalist state Ignore the interest of other classes Classless society is not possible Dominance bureaucracy

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Johari J.C, Principles of Modern Political Science, Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, 1989. By Dr. AMANDIP KAUR DEPTT. OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, PGGCG, SEC. 11, CHANDIGARH

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