Fredericton High School Transition Team 2011 -

Fredericton High School Transition Team 2011 -

Fredericton High School Grade 8 Parent Orientation FHS Administration Mr. Shane Thomas, Principal Ms. Elaine Kilfillen, Vice Principal (A-Do) Mrs. Daneen Dymond, Vice Principal (Dr-La) Mrs. Robyn Allaby, Vice Principal (Le-Po) Mr. Nathan Langille, Vice Principal (Pr-Z) Guidance Department Mrs. Cristel Hamilton (A-Do) Mr. Adam Dionne (Dr-La)

Mrs. Suzanne Maxwell (Le-Po) (Dept. Head) Mrs. Dianne Langille (Pr-Z) Mr. Peter Cook (International Students) Welcome Video Video created by Daily Roar Students to welcome grade 8s to the school. Grade 9 Courses Full Year Course English 9 Semester Courses Math 9A* Math 9B*

Science 9* Social Studies 9* French (PIF9 or FILA 9*) Broad Based Technology 9 (BBT) Health and Phys. Ed. 9 Half Semester Courses (45 hours each) Music 9 Visual Arts 9 *FI students take these in French SAMPLE Student Schedule Student Name: ____________ Semester 1

Semester 2 Full Year FHS Schedule for 2019-2020 AFTERNOON MORNING Homeroom (8:30) Period 4 Period 5 Period 1 Dismissal (3:30) Period 2 Period 3 Lunch (12:16-1:16)

International Students EAL Pathways & Supports Tips for Parents Encourage your child to GET INVOLVED! TIPS FOR PARENTS Attendance There is a direct link between school attendance and academic performance. You will receive an automated phone message indicating student absences when your child is

absent. 20 day attendance policy TIPS FOR PARENTS Homework High school students do have homework!! Many teachers keep current wiki-pages or teacher websites with homework requirements. When in doubt, contact the teacher through email (all emails are on the FHS

website) TIPS FOR PARENTS Parent-School Communication It is important for you to stay in contact with the school. If you have concerns, contact teachers, admin, guidance. Keep an eye on the school website for announcements and upcoming events A Wealth of Knowledge at your Fingertips Fredericton High School Website

LATE ARRIVAL or leaving/returning for appointments All doors lock at 8:30am The only way to get in after 8:30am is the Main Office doors (get buzzed in). The main office doors are located off the Priestman Street entrance. Students must sign in or out at the Main Office. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN HIGH SCHOOL? Develop good study habits Get organized and stay organized Go in for extra help as soon as you realize you truly do not understand a concept

Get involved to stay connected First Day of School Grade 9 Students Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 Assemble in Main Gym Meet Homeroom Teachers (schedules and lockers) Meet Semester One teachers Receive class information (course outlines, fees, required supplies) Orientation and fun welcome activities throughout the day No classes for Grade 9 students on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 All FHS Students Thursday, September 5th, 2019 See FHS website for dates, contact info, etc. There will be tours at 3:00pm (Tuesday Thursday, Aug 27th-Aug 29th, 2019)

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Thank you for coming Guidance and Administration will remain at the front if you have any questions.

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