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FrameNet - University of California, Berkeley

FrameNet ++ The Quest for the Right Description of Semantics and Usage in the Lexicon OR Things Are Always More Complicated than You Think Project Overview National Science Foundation funding

Resources: British National Corpus, some other corpora Specialized software tools, largely home-grown Product: Frame-based descriptions of words Detailed, manually-applied semantic tagging of naturally-occurring sentences Whats it for?

Natural language processing Word sense disambiguation Question answering Text understanding 2nd language learners Dictionary makers \\banquet\infinity\Hound_all.html

Our Description of Frames Simple text definition Frame elements Lexical units Frame-to-frame relationships

Example 1: Color Question: What are the frame elements? Frame Net is data driven, so we look at the data (i.e. real sentences) to find out (From BNC) 1. At once they were all around her , perching up on their hindlegs like scrawny otters in leather and chrome earbands . 2. For the moment I am concentrating mostly on the fact that I am riding

under the Arctic sky , a very sky , heavily overcast , being pulled across the ice by a team of dogs . 3. The stage goes pitch , The black resolves itself to moonlight , by which HAMLET approaches the sleeping ROS and GUIL . 4. His eyes seemed intensely , like space itself ; cold , vacant , all trace of life and warmth gone from them . 5. ` Golly , they say it 's about eight feet tall , as pitch , covered in scales , breathing brimstone and smashing in the top of the army tank . " 6. Our ceiling 's from frying chips .

7. All the walls were on the inside . Resulting Definition A Color serves as a landmark in color-space, either a point-like landmark (e.g. burnt sienna) or a broader region (e.g. blue). Especially when the Color designates a broad region in color-space, it may be defined with a specific Type (pitch, azure), further specified by comparison to the color of a Comparand (of/as), modified by a

Color_qualifier (light, reddish), ascribed to some Cause (from, with) or evaluated with a Descriptor (lovely). All color words are generally used to specify the color of some (physical) Entity, which exhibits the Color to some Degree (very, quite). I really like that shade of BLUE. The welts on his side had already turned an angry RED. The room was bathed in a soft PINK light. They promptly set up a zillion bright VERMILION

pavilions. His face and hands were BROWN from a life spent in the bright sun of the fields. Example 2: Perception How many frames do we have? What are the frame elements? Breaking Things How many frames are there?

What are the frame elements? BREAKING THINGS: (Data from the BNC) 1. At least 40 people were killed in Bamako on 22 March after a student demonstration was stopped by the security forces and rioting out . 2. Then , the artistic aims of members of the group were quite varied , and some personal animosities caused the alliance to up . 3. Justin goes back to England for a while , and then , having

some hearts , arrives in the Sudan to perform his own suicide . 4. Its withers will never win any of the races Ronnie had been telling himself about , and he is reluctant to return from this long , defeated , dark-thoughted walk to the bad news or his adventure to his wife and daughters . 5. He has just one of his records deliberately and is on his knees picking up the pieces as he talks to himself . 6. ... playing female parts at school -- until my voice .

7. Once the blockade of the river leading into the city was by English ships , James and his besiegers lost heart and abandoned the siege . 8. There can be no question that the bishops are not in any way aware of this arrogation , as it is mediated in consciousness by their belief in , and conceptualization of , a static natural law which is accessible , even if with difficulty , to the conscience of everyman ; which same natural law no one should be allowed to violate , even if in error , when that law , if , is seen to threaten the very moral fabric of society .

9. They can make or a chef . 10. It was the foreigner who the ice . 11. He inhaled sourly and into a glutinous cough . 12. She had her neck . 13. The young man had the spell . 14. Are you completely at the moment , or ... 15. Compassion 's an interesting word -- when you it down it literally means ` to suffer with " . 16. If such a risk is accepted , sooner or later the cable will

at the wrong moment and an accident will occur . 17. But Woodstock and the sunshine hippies through the clouds of small-town standards , and Jay scoured the Oxfam shop for silk and satin and velvet . 18. Desiccated liver is approximately 80% protein and is easily down and absorbed by the stomach . 19. Mark Raggett , a businessman spearheading the effort , said : ` If I was to take some of these materials and technologies back to the Soviet Union , I would probably

be the law . " 20. When the ovens down it cost more than 1,200 a week to buy in the necessary items The End Michael Ellsworth, FrameNet lackey [email protected]

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