Four Blocks

Four Blocks

MEDIA ONLINE TEXTBOOKS eText Higher Ed Monthly Steering Committee Meeting January 2011 INTEGRATED LEARNING PERSONALIZATION

Agenda v4.3.1 successfully released last weekend Upcoming iPad and eText releases v1.0 app now available via the App store for download Process for creating iPad versions of eTexts that were already created in the past Custom Hotspot Spreadsheet revisions Feedback from NSM and time for Q&A on your iPad questions

v4.3.1 Release Deployed 1/9 Addressed a few bugs that needed to be fixed prior to the next release Details on our Wiki Upcoming Releases v1.01 iPad Due out Jan / February Bug fixes v1.1 iPad Due out Spring

New features v4.4 eText Projected to be deployed by Spring Will focus on back-end Authoring and Content Manager improvements Begin Documentum integration work No user enhancements to be added iPad App now available! Downloading the eText iPad App

Go to Apple iTunes Store Search for Pearson eText Select Free and then Install Make sure you are running on iOS 4.2. Enter your existing MyLab/Mastering credentials into the app to gain access* *If you have access to MyLab/Mastering products that contain

eTexts but the eTexts are not yet available on the iPad, your credentials will not work. You will receive an invalid error message. This message has caused some confusion and we plan to clarify the messaging in the next release. Creating iPad view for new eTexts In addition to adding the usual files to the ftp site make sure that you provide us with the following: Hi-Res PDF of the book cover png file of custom icon in addition to swf file Complete the HED/INTL eText Conversion Request Form iPad view required is automatically selected yes

iPad view will automatically allow the user to download chapters SMS will need to be set up to include the following for iPad: SMS Site ID 15102 will need to be added Create Module ID for iPad view Once you review and are ready to publish, complete the Promotion Request Form Creating iPad Titles for pre-existing eTexts Titles that were originally created more than 6 months ago may be archived. For those titles, they will need to be retrieved from archive

which can take a period of time. If you have a number of titles that you know you will be going back and requesting iPad views of, feel free to contact me so we can check to see if those titles are still on our ftp. If they are no longer on the ftp we can coordinate requesting all of those titles at one time instead of individually. Custom Hotspot Spreadsheet Revisions Why have they been revised?

- We now support new link types (H.264, Jazz etc.) - You can better communicate to us what links should not appear in the iPad view The spreadsheets and documentation on how to use them will be added to the wiki shortly. THANK YOU! Janet Marhefka Phone: 201-236-7037 [email protected]

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