J1 Visas From A to Z Sandra Ordonez

J1 Visas From A to Z Sandra Ordonez

J1 Visas From A to Z Sandra Ordonez Boston University Medical Center Trainee Visa Types Immigration Options for Residents F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) H1-B

J2 or H2-B Employment Authorization Document (EAD) J-1 F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) F-1 Visa is for undergraduate or graduate students OPT permits additional 12

months of work to complement education Traditionally OPT is converted to H1B if used in residency H1-B Designed to allow U.S. employers to recruit & employ foreign professionals in specialty

occupations within the USA for a specified period of time. No home residency requirement More liability, paperwork & cost for employer J-2 or H2-B Dependents of J-1 or H1-B visa holders

Eligibility to work directly dependent on spouse Maintaining work eligibility is resident responsibility An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is required in addition to the visa Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Used in conjunction with J-2, H2-B and other forms of legal immigration. Typically issued for periods of 1 year and must be renewed. Typically followed up on by HR as part of I9 Verification J-1 Exchange Visitor Sponsorship

Program (EVSP) J-1 Visa Department of State AAMC NRMP ECFMG Educational Commission for Foreign

Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Private, non-profit organization Established in 1956 Administers Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP) Designated visa sponsor for all J-1 physicians participating in clinical US GME Utilizes Institutional or Program Training

Program Liaison (TPL) to process visa applications 2014-2015 J-1 Physician Facts J-1 Physicians in US GME Programs in 20142015 130 Countries Represented 61% Men, 39% Women Training in 49 out of 50 states + Puerto Rico Over 30% training in Internal Medicine

Top 10 Nations of Origin for J-1 Physicians, 2014-15 Country India Canada* Pakistan Lebanon Saudi Arabia Jordan

Egypt Philippines Syria Peru No. of J-1 Physicians 2,369 1,855 567

401 309 264 173 168 165 164 Source ECFMG database. Data current as of January 29, 2016.

States With Highest Number of J-1 Physicians, 2014-15 Country New York Michigan Texas Ohio Massachusetts Illinois

Pennsylvania Florida No. of J-1 Physicians 1,595 692 605 569 521

513 500 460 Source ECFMG database. Data current as of January 29, 2016. Top Specialty Fields Pursued by J-1 Physicians, 2014-15 Country Internal Medicine

Pediatrics Family Medicine General Surgery Neurology Psychiatry Pathology Anesthesiology Diagnostic Radiology Obstetrics/ Gynecology

No. of J-1 Physicians 4,441 1,064 651 622 557 429 227

168 164 146 Source ECFMG database. Data current as of January 29, 2016. Continue Prior to Arrival

Timeline for Processing Nov - Jan Recruiting Mid-March NRMP Match

March/April Collect Required Documents April June Submit J1 Application to EVNet J1 Arrival J-1 Visa

U.S. Teaching Hospital Training Program Liaison J-1 Physician ECFMG U.S. Department of State

SEVIS Continue Initial Application Documents Contract/Letter of Offer Statement of Need CV Passport Name Page(s)

Training Program Description (subspecialties only) Initial Application Documents Contract/Letter of Offer

Start and End Dates of Training Specialty Training Level Stipend Signed by Applicant & Appropriate Personnel Fully executed contract/offer letter

required prior to applicant being submitted in EVNet Initial Application Documents Statement of Need Issued by federal office of applicants most recent country of permanent residence Ministry of Health letterhead Addressed to ECFMG

Align with specialty being pursued Contain stamp/seal of issuing government Dated signature of issuing official Issued in English Also known as the Ministry of Health (MOH) Letter Initial Application Documents

Statement of Need Sample Exact wording that has been approved by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Statement of Need: Initial Application Documents CV Passport Name Page

Educational History Applicant Academic History All dependents Month/Year to

Month/Year format All gaps after medical school should be accounted for. Additional Initial Application Documents Previous IAP-66 and/or DS-2019 (previous J1s) I-94 Arrival/Departure Records (previous J-1s) Return Airbill for Expedited Delivery (Optional)

Transfer Request Documentation (J1-reseach to J1clinical) Medical School Diploma & Passport Photo (LCME Graduates Only) Additional Initial Application Documents Previous IAP-66 now a DS-2019 Sample IAP-66

Sample DS-2019 DS-2019 DS-2019 Mailed to TPL Review all information for accuracy Copy/Scan for program records Mail to J-1 Holder via

trackable courier J1-Appointment Application Create Appointment Profile in EVNet Initiate Individual Appointment Upload All Required Documents Resident Completes OASIS Application & Pays Fee 4-6 Weeks

DS-2019 Mailed to TPL Initial Arrival J1-Appointment Application Maximum 30 days prior to start date Visa Holder Enters Country Within 72 Hours

Initial Arrival Verification With TPL 3-10 days Initial Arrival Validation 7-14 days Social Security Number Application

Initial Arrival Validation Form Validation of ECFMG sponsored Copy of visa Additional Initial Application Documents I-94 Arrival/Departure Records Electronic I-94

Paper I-94 (Land and Sea Crossings) SEVIS Verification Social Security Number Apply as soon as SEVIS Verification is complete Social Security Number Application

Original documents 7-14 days Required for I9 Processing During Residency Role of the J-1 Exchange Visitor J-1 physicians are also specifically responsible to:

Maintain a valid passport Secure and maintain required health and accident insurance for themselves and their J-2 dependents, as detailed on the Mandatory Insurance page on the ECFMG website. Report any address changes within ten days to ECFMG through ECFMGs On-line Applicant Status and Information System (OASIS) or the MyECFMG mobile app Engage in full-time training at the host institution identified on Form DS2019 Notify ECFMG of any proposed changes to his/her training plan (e.g.,

training levels, training dates, resignation, etc.) Adhere to all U.S. laws Insurance Requirement Federally mandated requirement Minimum continuous coverage Trainee attests annually in OASIS

Form I-644 Completed annually for continuing trainees Away Electives Notification of Off Site Rotation Form http://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/notification-offsite-rotation.pdf Required 30 or more days in advance New DS-2019 will be issued

Leave of Absence/Early Departure Leave of Absence Notification of Leave of Absence Form http://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/notification-LOA.pdf Requires updated contract if training dates impacted New DS-2019 will be issued Dismissal

http://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/early-dismissal-form.pdf Resignation http://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/notification-resignation.p df Reporting Serious Incidents Cross Cultural Activities J1 program objective is educational AND

cultural Trainees expected to have opportunities to learn about American culture Celebrating holidays Cultural activities (museums, festivals, etc) Social events (concerts, sporting events) Multicultural events (potlucks, festivals) Academic conferences

After Residency Options After Residency Fellowship J-1 Waiver Job Return to Home Country (minimum 2 years) J-1 Waiver Job

No required documents from training program Items that may be requested: Letters of recommendation Board eligibility letter Copies of visa documents Returning to Home Country No required documents from training

program Trainee has 30 days from end date to leave the country Several extensions can be requested: Board Exams (trainee initiated) Personal/Medical (program initiated) Best Practices &

Resources Recommendations for Trainees Retain copies of all visa documents. Keep originals in a safe place and copies in separate location. Do not carry around documents unless absolutely necessary.

Resources Pre-Arrival Information http://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/pre-arrival-information. html The Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure https://j1visa.state.gov/wp-content/uploads/2015/0 3/Brochure-The-Exchange-Visitor-Program.pdf U.S. Embassies and Consulates http://www.usembassy.gov/

Resources Visa Appointment and Processing Wait Times https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/general /wait-times.html Wilberforce Pamphlet on the Rights and Protection of Temporary Workers https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Legal RightsandProtections/English%20Online%20Re

ading%205-20-2013 .Pdf Questions

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