Foreign Entitlements

Foreign Entitlements

Remedy Overview Defense Finance and Accounting Service INDIANAPOLIS PAYROLL OFFICE Integrity - Service - Innovation Integrity - Service - Innovation Remedy Remedy system allows for communication between the Payroll office, CSR, and HR offices

Tickets can be entered requesting assistance in processing or payroll inquiries Documents can be attached to tickets for validation Remedy titles have Customer Expectation timelines Expectations vary for each title Imaging - Electronic Document Management system Remedy is the preferred method for submitting requests supporting documentation may be faxed to Imaging Fax number for Imaging: 866-401-5849 Integrity - Service - Innovation

Access to REMEDY DD2875 - System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) & Remedy Security Rules of Behavior can be found here: Please submit completed DD 2875 & SROB via CSR Remedy 2875 ticket. Please submit Remedy Client Update ticket to update your information (phone number, address, etc) or if you wish to group Remedy users together. Remedy issues can be addressed to TSO at 866-498-8687 or e-mail at [email protected]

01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 3 System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 4

System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 5 System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation

6 System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Fill out forms including signature and submit on CSR Remedy 2875 ticket. 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 7

01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 9 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 10 Essential Information for Remedy

Ensure remedy titles are used appropriately Incorrect titles will be corrected by the PRO and may result in longer work times anything offline will require an audit HOT/NON PAY title is restricted to HRO only Allotment inquiry, MSD hot item, and Misc pay titles restricted to PRO only CSR Remedy 2875 restricted to CSR only Please do not submit duplicate tickets it slows down the process by creating more work for the Payroll Office and could be worked by different techs Remedy tickets auto-close after 10 Calendar days Reminder sent via e-mail that ticket will close in 3 calendar days Please return the ticket if you need clarification on the resolution or the issue has not been resolved prior to closure of the ticket. Agree to Resolution should be selected ONLY when the issue has been

resolved (DCPS reflects the leave adjustment, member received the money, etc) 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 11 Essential Information for Remedy GROUP VIEW Allows a specified group to view your tickets. Anyone you want in your group must already have Remedy Access.

Submit under Remedy Client Update, listing the User names of those you want included in your group. You are not able to respond to the tickets but you can view. Note: One exception-permanent departure of Remedy Client holder. Helps monitor workload if someone goes on vacation or is out of the office. 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 12 Remedy Ticket Tips

Always include a clear description of your issue and the pay periods involved. The DFAS-IN PRO pays over 900,000 customers, so every case needs thorough explanation for the PRO to be able to respond effectively Attach any documents needed (up to 5 attachments) and if there is not enough space, please send the rest to Imaging and indicate that on the ticket in your comments. Read the entire return response and validate your issue has been resolved before you agree to the resolution. If you fax documents to Imaging that relates to your remedy ticket, mention that you faxed documents in the ticket response. 01/31/2020

Integrity - Service - Innovation 13 Remedy Ticket Tips Cont. All fields on the remedy ticket need to be filled out, especially the SSN. Remember to submit Remedy Client Update Remedy ticket for changes to your e-mail, name, or phone number.

Review the pop-up box that has the business expectation timeframe when selecting the title there is a list on APAN Please do not open a new remedy ticket just to attach documents. Please do not open multiple tickets for the same issue.

Date your return comments. It is easier to follow based on order. 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 14 Remedy Ticket Tips Cont. Please search on specific criteria such as the SSN or Title (not all) to avoid slowing down Remedy Please include actions taken on the remedy ticket

Several Remedy Ticket titles require documents to be attached before you can submit the ticket: Military Deposit Submission Settlement Inquiry Submission Foreign Allowance SF-1190 Payment Processing Several Remedy Ticket titles require templates to be completed before we can work the ticket:

Military Deposit Submission Settlement Inquiry - Submission Special Pay W-2 Re-issues Law/Contingency Leave 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 15 Overview of CSR Resources

Defense Finance and Accounting Service INDIANAPOLIS PAYROLL OFFICE Integrity - Service - Innovation Integrity - Service - Innovation 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 17

01/31/2020 18 CSR Resources DFAS.MIL General information for Civilian employees APAN DFAS4DOD Payroll Office Advisories (POAs) Payroll Office Forms (DD 2875, DD 2929, VRAs, Union Info change form, etc.) DCPS Web-based Training PRO Manual OPM.GOV General regulations for civilian employees 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation

19 Access to DCPS Requested via AMPS SASO e-mail for DCPS access issues: [email protected]il 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation

20 MIAP DCPS is accessed through the MIAP website MIAP is not part of DCPS; it is a portal to get to DCPS securely 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation

21 DCPS Database Selection 01/31/2020 Integrity - Service - Innovation 22 USERID AND PASSWORD 01/31/2020

Integrity - Service - Innovation 23 QUESTIONS? Integrity - Service - Innovation

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