Flooding Be prepared - New Civil Engineer

Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme Delivering at pace

Mytholmroyd Setting the Scene Steven Lee Assistant Director (Strategic Infrastructure)

Calderdale MBC 400 years of flooding 1615: Earliest flood on record; Elland Bridge is swept away

1722: Ripponden Parish Church and Stirk Bridge are destroyed 1855: 15 yard high wall of water inundates homes, properties and schools 1870: 3 drowned as worst flood of the century hits Valley 1921: Hill slide streams turn to raging torrents and valley inundated

1946: Public call for defence measures as nearly 1000 homes flood 1967: Premises flooded to 2 foot depth, though ongoing improvement scheme helps 1982: August thunderstorms cause severe flooding, main roads shut for 12 days 2012: Highest food flood on record on Calder, river rises 5 metres

2015: Boxing Day floods hit 3000 premises, destroy 2 historic bridges, closes 8 schools, and causes major landslide. River Calder Catchment

River Calder Catchment Key facts The River Calder flows for approximately 72km from its source, 400m above sea level, to its confluence with the River Aire near Castleford.

The Upper Calder Valley is characterised by swift-flowing upland streams which then flow through a series of former mill towns nestling in the narrow valley bottom. Recent Flood events in 2007, 2012, 2013 and 2015

Typical Av. Year Flow c.19m3/s Max recorded flow 374m3/s And the rain fell on saturated ground

River gauge data for Boxing Day River Calder gauging stations 2015 peak compared to previous peaks

7 6 5 4

Winter 2015 Peak level (mALD)

3 2 1 0

Todmorden Hebden Bridge

Mytholmroyd Sowerby Bridge

Elland The hit

Impact on Mytholmroyd Impact on Mytholmroyd

Mytholmroyd in context Mytholmroyd Flood

Alleviation Scheme: Delivering at Pace Adrian Gill Area Flood and Coastal Risk Manager

Environment Agency The commitment An additional 35m will also be invested in the Calder

Valley to better protect 1,600 properties. This will include schemes in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. A feasibility study for the Calder Valley is already underway with an action plan for Mytholmroyd due to

be published in May and a plan for the whole Valley by this autumn. Defra Press Statement following March 2016 Budget

The challenge Delivery an Action Plan for Mytholmroyd by May 2016 Delivery an Action Plan for the Calder

Valley by October 2016 Start work on site at Mytholmroyd by Dec 2016

Partnership objectives

Engage community Deliver at pace Maximise reduction in flood risk Deliver best possible scheme

Affordable within programme budget Minimise impact on community Engage community

Visitor Centre Community group meetings Dedicated engagement officers from EA, CMBC and VBA.

Early establishment of site office Deliver at pace Asset recovery

Rebuilding of failed embankment between the River Calder and the Rochdale Canal Deliver at pace Asset recovery

Demolished a dangerous building on a failing culvert, removed the culvert and rebuilt river walls

Deliver at pace Procurement Deliver at pace Procurement Competitive tender quality only.

PSC Option E Outline Design Action Plan Planning Applications

Site Investigation Development of the ECC CDM PCI Identify opportunities to accelerate project delivery

ECC Option C Detailed Design & Construction

Deliver at pace - Design Direct Award to existing modelling consultants Very early engagement with statutory consultees Worked closely with recovery programme to

maximise opportunities Extra resources from EA and CMBC Risked based decisions

Maximise reduction in flood risk Future option: Additional channel widening

Future option: Additional channel widening

Deliver best possible scheme Affordable within programme budget

Overall programme c.75m up to 2021 35m booster funding Approx. 22m FCRM GiA

c.11m secured contributions Affordable within programme budget Estimated scheme cost 29m

24.5m booster and FCRM GiA 4.5m secured contributions Minimise impact on community:

Traffic management Bluetooth technology used to monitor traffic queues Regular communications enable motorists to plan alternative transport/routes where required

Collaboration with other services ensures a coordinated approach Pedestrian crossings modified and crossing operative employed to improve safety

Issues, risks and challenges Importance of effective communications within the team, with partners and

community Pressure on key members of staff Traffic management

Mytholmroyd Opportunities Partnership governance

Investment opportunities Mytholmroyd FAS 28.4M Hebden Bridge FAS 14.7M

A646 Transport Corridor 6.0M ESIF funding for Caldene Bridge 1.6M City Connect Cycling 1.0M

English Heritage 0.15M Placemaking opportunities

Placemaking strategy 22 reservoirs in the Calder Valley

Complimentary measure: Natural Flood Management Plate

weir Gully stuffing

Woody leaky dams


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