Fire Intervention Program Powerpoint

Fire Intervention Program Powerpoint

Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention (YFPI) Fire Statistics ARSON #4 cause Most Arson Arrests are kids under 17 years old. Without Intervention, 85 % of youth firesetting behavior will

continue Most children who die in fire set that Key Points About the Brain Brain Development happens primarily through experience The brain is only 17% wired at birth. Childrens brains are not comp0letely

wired until their mid-20s The brain has two major growth spurts First 3 years of life Adolescence Windows of sensitivity stimulus and experience have greater effect on the wiring of the brain ~ Megan E.B. Kelly, MSW ~ Allen Co. Juvenile Firesetters Task Force Movies Back Draft Pirates of the

ribbean Toy Story Ca Commercials Progressive Taco Bell Toyota Budweiser You Tube

Hair on fire Bombs Super Soakers Kids playing? Why do we need a program? MEDIA Children 8-18 spend 7:38 minutes a day

consuming media. 29% of the time using more than one media at a time (laptop w/ TV) = 10:45 minutes per day 7:38 x 7 = 53 hours 25 min ADVERTIZING DRIVES

MEDIA Television Music Computer Movies Video Games Print Kaiser Family Foundation, Generation M2: Media in the lives of 8-18 years, Jan

If you believe that Sesame Street taught your 4-year-old something, you better believe that MTV is teaching your fourteen-year-old something. ~ Dr. David Walsh Urgency? Fire burns differe ntly now than it did even 15 year

s ago: Referrals From: Children at Risk Juvenile Justice Courts Schools Parent Law Enforcement Fire Departments Families

The 1-800-500-8897 Process 1-800-500-8897 State Fire Marshal Division Monitors phone & refers to: *The local intervention team may consist of Fire Department, Social Services, Approved Citizen Helpers and / or Police Department personnel

Crisis Curious Education Education Counseling The Familys Local Intervention Team *

who conducts the assessment using the standardized assessment tool determines if the child is: Delinquent / Thrill Seeking Education Troubled / Pathological Counseling /

Residential Treatment Restorative Justice Education under mental healths supervision The FEMA Assessment Form Reason

for setting fire Curiosity Crisis Delinquent / Thrill Seeking Troubled / Pathological Child & Family Risk Level Low Moderate

Extreme Referrals to: Mental Health Residential Treatment Facilities Social Services Juvenile Justice Restorative Justice

Fire Education Educational Intervention Rules & Laws Fire Statistics Fire Behavior Fire Prevention Burn Prevention Fire Safety Review & Test Evaluations PLEASE!!

Justice? To charge or not to charge? Call 1-800-5008897 Complete Diversion:

Goals: Accuracy in Reporting Provide Necessary Education Provide Adequate

Referrals Consistency in Diversion OTHERS? In Their Own Words In their own words And 4 Years Later Road of Life

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