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FileNewTemplate - Nassau BOCES

Manage Resources and Make Student Learning More Effective Destiny Resource Manager

Headlines or Headaches Success stories Higher test scores, lower dropout rate General district improvement News stories highlight lost resources Districts with tight budgets

are losing resources Audits show a typical school loses between 18-25% of district resources every 2-3 years Impact: Students Dont Have What They Need

Budget Spent on Replacement Items Public Confidence Eroded The Goal Manage the Process for All Learning Resources District-wide solution to manage all resources effectively and efficiently

Assign accountability to stop losses and ensure availability Know the value of resources purchase, replacement, depreciation Determine where and how resources are allocated Review what percentage of resources are being used Correlate investment to learning results

Strategic Tactical Operational Know how much is invested, how its allocated and how much is being used Helps districts implement policies and procedures Manages the day-to-day activities

Manage all categories, all types of resources Students Teachers Staff Textbooks (print or digital), Tablets, Digital Resource Access / Subscriptions SP. ED. Equipment, S.T.E.M. Resources Band Instruments, Sports Equipment

Computers, IT Network Software Facilities, Busses, Desks, Lockers, etc. Services like Professional Development Confidential Records Destiny Resource Manager Helps You With: Warehouse Support warehouse order/ship/receive operations from schools

using barcodes, quantities, or both Transfer Encourage & illustrate sharing of resources across the organization with transfer reports Liquidation Record that resources are properly disposed, salvaged, or sold Integration Import information easily from any other system (Students, Class Schedules, Mobile Device Mgmt) Mobile/RFID Utilize Mini-Destiny on the Follett 7100 or Follett RFID UHF

device for fast inventory scanning Single View Summary Administrators/Students/Teachers can see all resources assigned to them in a single page view (including Destiny Library books) Destiny is a great resource for Barrington CUSD 220. The compilation of textbooks, library books and education resources has greatly increased our efficiency as a district.

Not only does Destiny keep track of all of our valuable assets, it helps us generate reports, manage inventories and accurately order more equipment. We are looking forward to using it toward other resources in our school (e.g., musical instruments, lab equipment, etc.). LeeAnn Taylor, District Media Services Director, Barrington CUSD

We can prove weve cut waste and inefficiency, and we can allocate the money saved to other areas of the district. Diana Freeman, Executive Director of Media and Instructional Technology, Johnston County School District Districts asset loss is reduced by 75%

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