February/March 2011 OWS-8 Aviation Thread

February/March 2011 OWS-8 Aviation Thread

Sponsored and hosted by United Nations Environment Programme, with support from UN-SPIDER Bonn Office Co-Sponsored by February/March 2011 OWS-8 Aviation Thread 76th OGC Technical Committee Bonn, Germany Nadine Alameh March 3, 2011 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. OWS-8 Sponsors US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) US Geological Survey (USGS) US Army Geospatial Center (AGC) US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) EUROCONTROL US National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) National Weather Service (NWS) of the US National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) European Space Agency (ESA) UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) Lockheed Martin Corporation (also providing thread architect)

OGC Copyright 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium 2 OWS-8 Testbed Milestones Kickoff Meeting 9-11 March 2011 Key Initial Designs/Components/Services Due 22 April 2011 Interim Milestone (first draft of components, services, and reports) 24 June 2011 Demonstration Milestone (screen captures; final services and testing due) 26 August 2011 OGC Interoperability Day at OGC TC (live & screen capture demonstrations) 22 September 2011 Final Delivery (all final reports are due)

30 September 2011 Copyright 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium 3 OWS-8 Activity Threads & Subthreads RFQ Response: - 32 Organizations - 47 Proposals Thread Architects: Observation Fusion Raj Singh Gsync Michy Maynard CCI Luis Bermudez Aviation Nadine Alameh OGC Copyright 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium 4 OWS-8 Aviation Work Areas 1. Advancement of AIXM Maturation of delivery, filtering and update of AIXM via WFS Continued development of reusable tools (Validation + refactoring) Benchmarking of compression and binary XML techniques Interoperable styling and portrayal

Validation of AIXM metadata and GML profiles 2. Advancement of Aviation Architecture Advancement of Event Architecture, including validation of Digital NOTAM Event Specification Support for AIXM Authoritative Data Source requirements Leveraging of DataLink concepts and requirements 3. Advancement of WXXM and Weather Concepts OGC Review and validation of WXXM schemas Encoding rep4D/5D weather forecast and radar datasets On-demand CRS definitions and transformations Distributed approach for managing UoM Copyright 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 5 1. Advancement of AIXM Addressing the conflict between AIXM temporality model and OGC Feature Model Guidance on using AIXM over WFS 2.0 (or WFS Aviation Profile) Changes to WFS 2.0, FE 2.0 and/or AIXM 5.1 Dealing with estimated or unknown end of validity for attribute values in AIXM 5.1 Dealing with FE 2.0 behavior with indeterminate is heavily used in AIXM features Further exploring and testing SNAPSHOT queries support

Solving the issue of filtering AIXM events by property Supporting filtering of AIXM events Leveraging WFS 2.0 capabilities WFS 2.0 Stored Queries (creation, loading and deletion) WFS 2.0 Additional Objects (simplifying xlink referencing and resolving) Implementing/validating metadata and GML profiles identified by Aviation DWG OGC Copyright 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 6 2. Advancement of Aviation Architecture Advancing Event Architecture General features Multiple sources and types of events and data changes Use of WFS-T for posting AIXM events to AIXM database Different delivery protocols (Atom/AtomPub, WS-Eventing, Broadcasting, Transmission of events at pre-defined intervals or batch transmission) Registration & subscription lifecycle management Accuracy of subscription filters, dynamic spatial filters, automatic termination/renewal of subscriptions, use of Stored Queries, Event Channels (ad-hoc channels, best practices) Validating and advancing The Digital NOTAM Event Spec Testing and enhancing Event Schema Implementing and testing scenarios described in Spec including creating data Implementing in ISO Schematron the business rules defined in the Spec Supporting Authoritative AIXM Data Source requirements WFS-T and AIXM 5.1

Metadata for transactions Authentication/Authorization (granularity of data update constraints) Data Integrity/validation OGC Copyright 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 7 3. Advancement of WXXM and Weather Concepts Review and validation of WXXM schemas Recommendations for encoding 4D/5D weather radar forecasts and datasets Representing data that can be served and queried via WCS 2.0 Support for on-demand CRS definitions and transformations How can a WCS client request a specific CRS when theres no EPSG (or other) code associated with it? How can a WCS 2.0 server formally advertise the capability to support arbitrary CRS as opposed to a fixed number of CRSs Recommendations for distributed approach for managing UoMs Sustainable, extensible and simple ways Keeping in mind that new units of measures will likely depend on existing unites of measures OGC Copyright 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 8 OWS-8 Participants Atmosphere (Germany) ** IDS (Italy)

** Atos Origin (France) iGSI (Germany) Carbon Project interactive instruments ** Carmenta (Sweden) ** Jacobs U.-EOX-Rasdaman (Germany) Cassidian ** La Trobe Univ (Australia) Compusult LISAsoft (Australia) Comsoft (Germany) Luciad (Belgium) CubeWerx ** Northrop Grumman (in-kind) (USA) Envitia (UK) OpenGeo Esri PYXIS Frequentis (Austria)

Snowflake (UK) Galdos (Canada) ** TU-Mnchen (Germany) GIS.FCU UMnster-IfGI (Germany) GMU (in-kind) (USA) University of Bundesweher (Germany) OGC Copyright 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium 9 Luciad & Frequentis Envitia (Portrayal Client) EFB/Handheld Other Client Applications Flight Dispatch Registry Feature Portrayal

AIXM 5.1 WFS T (s) Uni BW Lisasoft Authorization/ Transformation/ Authentication Validation Tools Post Events Update data Request data For portrayal Snowflake & Comsoft Business Process Tier Envitia Luciad ,Carmenta Jac-EOX-Ras WXXM 1.1 WFS or WCS Access Tier Other OGC Services Request data/updates Update data Event Alert Request

Authorization Galdos Post/receive Events Request portrayal Query registry IDS & Ifgi Client Tier Document Deliverables Document Lead Aviation ER (including Event Arch & Auth Data Source Arch) iGSI, IfGI (Event Arch), TUM (Auth Arch) AIXM 5.1 metadata & GML Profiles Galdos & Snowflake WFS guidance for AIXM Snowflake AIXM Performance Assessment Atos Origin & Atmosphere

ICAO guidance for SLD Carmenta Digital NOTAM Event Spec Report iGSI & IfGI WXXM/Weather Findings La Trobe University & Jac-EOX-RAS WXXM Audit Findings Galdos AIXM 5.1 datasets for Digital NOTAM Events Snowflake Change Requests (ER) As needed OGC 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 11 OWS-8 Aviation Scenarios Dispatch and Planning (Continued from OWS-7) Testing new weather concepts Using real-time weather to increase situational awareness

As part of OWS-8, such accurate and up-to-date weather conditions will be accessible via a WCS 2.0, that will be developed to 1) securely ingest weather radar data supplied by a major international carrier with routes over the pacific basin, and (2) convert the source data into WXXM 1.1. The weather WCS will endeavor to support the emerging Data Link concept as defined by the RTCA SC-206 wherever possible. Validation of AIXM Authoritative Data Source Architecture Update of AIXM features via WFS-T Capture of metadata Basic user authentication (identity and role) Basic access control Validation of data according to business rules Digital NOTAM Event Spec Scenarios Activation/deactivation of published ATS space Creation of ad-hoc SAA, ATS airspace, etc Route portion closure or opening New/Withdrawn obstacle Aerodrome/Runway/Taxiway closure Airport service contamination Probabilistic Weather in Decision Making Demonstrate the potential of using probabilistic information in weather data in decision-support applications.

The NOAA Meteorological Development Lab (MDL) will provide all the weather data (via WFS and WCS) OGC Copyright 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 12 For More Information Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc www.opengeospatial.org OGC Aviation Domain Working Group http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/aviationdwg Nadine Alameh, Ph.D. [email protected] OGC Copyright 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.,

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