Extended School: Healthy School - RTUNI

Extended School: Healthy School - RTUNI

ST.EITHNES PRIMARY SCHOOL DERRY HEALTH PROMOTION INITIATIVE School background * location * enrolment Reasons for involvement in HPI * new start * vision of principal and staff THE PROCESS

Two members attended course Presented ideas and rationale to staff Set up Healthy School Team Audit split between members to consult

with a variety of groups in the school: parents, pupils, staff Areas of strength and areas for improvement identified Areas for improvement prioritised Action plans developed Action implemented Action monitored and then evaluated Process then repeated ACTIONS Review of all health related policies and establishment of a drugs and alcohol policy and nutrition policy Healthy options in canteen and healthy lunchboxes

Development of the school grounds including playground Increasing physical activity of all the pupils Improvements New updated health policies More choice in canteen and chips only once a week Entrance into Munch Box scheme Stickers given out at lunchtime for healthy choices Playground markings and equipment Planting of trees and flowers Pond area and sensory garden built Nature trials for each year group developed

Equipment purchased for lunchtime Increase in clubs involving physical activity Extended School: Healthy School A: Link between an Extended School and a Healthy School B: Advantages of being an Extended School Extended School:

Healthy School The Government's aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need to: Be healthy Stay safe Enjoy and achieve Make a positive contribution Achieve economic well-being Every Child Matters: 2005 Extended School: Healthy School

It's vital that youngsters get regular physical activity to lay the foundations for good health as they grow up Dr Mike Knapton of the British Heart Foundation:2006 Between 1995 to 2000 the proportion of overweight boys in England aged 2 to 19 years increased by 2 per cent. The increase for girls was by 3 per cent, so that by 2000, 20 per cent of boys and 27 per cent of girls were overweight. In a recent official survey, doctors found 16.6 per cent of boys and 16.7 per cent of girls aged under ten are obese Three in ten boys and four in ten girls aged two to 15 are not doing the amount of physical activity recommended by the chief medical officer On current trends, 22 per cent of girls and 19 per cent of boys between the ages of two and 15 will be obese by 2010 Statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet, England 2006

Link: Extended School, Healthy School Assessing Target Issues Within School Surveyed parents Talked to Teachers Sought childrens ideas Extended Schools Action Plan Begin With Children Diet Exercise Link: Extended School, Healthy School

Breakfast club 8am-9am every morning Preschool outside supervised playtime Children can only take fruit at mid morning break Healthier canteen menu: chips appear only once a week Playground markings enhanced to facilitate

outdoor games at lunchtime Children able to access apparatus e.g. skipping ropes to stop the Ive nothing to do syndrome Targeted lunchtime athletics club Link: Extended School, Healthy School AFTER SCHOOL Homework Club Boys Football Team Girls Football Team Netball Club/ Team Swimming Club Cooking Club

Eco Club Summer Camp Early years gymnastics club Gaelic/Hurling coaching sessions Athletics Club/Team Extended School, Healthy School Advantages Able to subsidise breakfast club: breakfast free for all Able to subsidise break time fruit Able to pay qualified coaches in athletics and football Able to help children attend Summer Camp

Able to fund everyday homework clubs Take up of all clubs has been high: more children seeing the benefits of physical activity Children/parents have been telling teacher how much enjoyment has been derived from club attendance

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