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EXODUS The Way Out 2008 Leadership Retreat Callaway Gardens EXODUS - Overview God Saves the Israelites from Egypt. They have done nothing to earn this gift. NO HOPE - THEYRE LOST God protects the Israelites in the desert. They are amazed by His protection and then they begin to fear. NO TRUST God provides for the Israelites in the desert. They enjoy the provision and then they begin to grumble. NO GRATITUDE God delivers the Israelites to the promise land. They dont want His provision. NO FAITH

EXODUS How they got to Egypt 1975 BC (4,000 years ago) Jacob, Joseph, 11 brothers,58 others for a total of 70 enter Egypt 430 years of bondage until Exodus 1525 BC Birth of Moses EXODUS - Outline I.

1 18:27 Redemption from Egypt (Passover / Shedding of Blood) a) 1 1:22 Need for Redemption Slaves / lost & leaderless b) 2 4:31 Preparation for Redemption Savior is born & raised c) 5 15:21 Redemption of Israel Salvation for the chosen d)

15:21 18:27 Preservation of Israel Protection & provision * Salvation through the blood sacrifice & new birth through the water baptism II. 19 40:38 Revelation from God (Deliverance / Power of God) a) 19 31:18 Revelation of the Covenant Received the Law & instructions on building the Tabernacle b) 32 40:38 Response of Israel to the Covenant Broke the Law & built the Tabernacle * Sanctification thru the trial & process of obedience

EXODUS Major Topics Moses Walt Henrichsen 10 Plagues Hank Brink Kadesh Barnea Hank Miltenberger Sinai The LAW Bob Currier 40 years of wandering - Art Corbin Testing & Murmuring Kelly Talamo EXODUS - Moses

An Israelite from the tribe of Levi A Prince of Egypt raised by Pharaohs daughter Called by God angel at the burning bush Physical Savior to the Israelites not a spiritual Savior Numbers 12:3 Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth. Who is Moses? Statue of TUTMOSIS II (Moses) Egyptian Museum, Cairo Note the Semitic nose! EXODUS The Departure Ten Plagues Parting of the Red Sea Mt. Sinai

The Law is given 1445 BC Kadesh-barnea 12 spies Parents condemned to die for unbelief 40 years of wilderness wandering Reign of Amenhotep II 1450 BC 1423 BC 1.2MM Die in the desert Construction of the Tabernacle 1405 BC

Nile Delta Red Sea Great Sea Exodus Major Events Map Traditional Route of the Exodus Jericho (Mediterranean) Canaan

Kadesh Barnea Sinai Peninsula Quail/Manna Mt. Sinai Egypt NASA Photo EBibleTeacher.com Mt. Sinai Red Sea www.Studylight.org

EXODUS 10 Plagues I. Nile turned to Blood II. Frogs All of the plagues were object lessons for Moses, Pharaoh & Israel III. Gnats IV. Swarms of Insects V. Disease on Beasts VI. Boils on Man & Beast VII. Hail & Fire VIII. Locusts IX. Darkness for 3 days

X. Death of 1st born men & cattle GOD instructs us to remember and commemorate the things HE has done for us. How are you at commemorating what GOD has done in your life and for your family? EXODUS - Testing & Murmuring

Pharaoh pursues Israel God parts the Red Sea Israel Grumbles for water - God provides cleansed water Israel Grumbles for meat & bread - God provides quail & manna Israel Grumbles for water - God provides through the rock War with Amalek - God provides victory with Moses as the Cross

Grumbling vs Gratitude EXODUS Sinai (The LAW) The Ten Commandments are given by GOD to Moses The golden calf sin of the people Gods anger burns against Israel Moses intercedes for the people

God changes his mind Moses anger burned & he brakes the God written tablets Moses makes them drink the calf Moses pleads w/ God to be the atonement for Israel's sin and God says NO.

EXODUS Kadesh Barnea 12 spies are sent into the promise land The people grumbled & did not trust God God tells them that the adults will die & their children will inherit the land They lose out on inheritance

Dont miss the blessings that God has for you due to a lack of trust / faith / belief watch out for grumbling EXODUS - 40 years of wandering 1.2 Million die in the desert Moses records the history & law Pentateuch Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy

Tabernacle - Exodus tells how to build it Leviticus tells how to use it Numbers - Gods provision & protection despite Israels disobedience Deuteronomy Law is reaffirmed for a new country EXODUS The Arrival Crossing of the Jordan River Circumcision of the people Victory at Jericho

1405 BC Death of Moses Joshua takes the land Conquest & Division of Canaan 1398 BC Beginning of The Judges EXODUS SUMMARY God Saves God protects God provides God delivers

Be careful of judging GODs pleasure with you by the provision you receive from HIM.

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