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[email protected] Users Group September 28, 2011 [email protected] Users Group Meeting Introductions Agenda Introductions, eRA team and eRA User Group Team Background to eRA and vision for the future Where we are now and where we need to go

Tips, techniques and Shortcuts Known Issues Open floor to Q&A and discussion [email protected] UGM: Introductions Introductions eRA team Krunal Cholera Technical Manager Ming-Hui Chou eRA Instructional Technologist and QA Robert OMalley eRA Project Manager Other eRA Support Keith Osterhage - Associate Vice Provost Research Administration Rob Gage Director, Sponsored Research Programs Rosemary Dillon Director, Sponsored Research Programs

[email protected] UGM: Introductions Introductions eRA User Group Planning Committee Gina Barnes Assistant Director-PreAward Services College of Liberal Arts Chrissy Blewett Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Rosemary Dillon Director, Sponsored Programs Sema Enchauteguis Sr. Finance Accountant, School of Medicine Kim Fahey Director, Office of Research, College of Liberal Arts Robert Gage Director, Sponsored Programs Janice Milewski Cardiovascular Research Center/Physiology Diane Omdal Director, Research Administration, School of Medicine Roseanne Wallin Director, Contract Administration and Compliance,

Sponsored Programs [email protected] UGM: Background Why eRA? External Factors: Sponsor Mandate - Sponsoring agencies, particularly federal agencies, have begun to mandate use of electronic systems for submission and management of grants Grants.Gov reports System-To-System submissions have fewer errors and are accepted at a higher rate Accountability and Compliance - Increasing federal regulatory burden and auditor oversight of University systems will require that Temple be able to demonstrate consistency of practices, adherence to regulatory compliance guidelines and proper stewardship of funds at the institution level. Using the same codes, rates, exceptions etc,. Across the University

Competition for Funds Most of Temple's peer research institutions are addressing ERA. These universities have invested heavily in both research infrastructure and electronic research administration. The Temple University needs to maintain and enhance its position to compete for research funds as well as becoming an integral partner in shaping the future of research and research administration [email protected] UGM: Background Why eRA? Internal Factors: Risk Management - There are strategic, financial, operational, compliance and reputational risks in the administration, management and reporting for sponsored research Consistency, accuracy Reduced Administrative Infrastructure - A goal of the University must be able to

increase the time that investigators spend on research and decrease the time spent on the administration of their grants. Using templates etc Accessibility of Information - As the volume of research grows, there is an increasing demand for data to assist with decision-making at all levels within the University. We must be able to store the data here as well as report on it. [email protected] UGM: Background What makes up [email protected] (core) Proposal Tracking Proposal Development

Development eSPAF Approval and routing Electronic submissions Protocol Tracking IRB IACUC Technology Transfer SPIN/SMARTS/GENIUS

[email protected] UGM: Background Our vendor is InfoEd International (RFP Awardee) Some Other institutions using the same software:

University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Yale University University of Miami Oregon Health Sciences Notre Dame University UCSD Research Foundation Johns Hopkins University of Vermont University of Colorado Virginia Commonwealth University University of Illinois

University of Texas Medical Branch Rockefeller University - Mount Sinai School of Medicine - Northwestern University - University of Connecticut - University of Hawaii - University of Pittsburgh - New York University - Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard) - Partners Health (Boston) - Institutions in - England - Canada - Australia

- South Africa [email protected] UGM: Vision Linking of all related research materials for a submission under one parent proposal record Proposals, protocols, non-competes, extensions, supplementals A paperless office Electronic versions of all proposals, protocols, training certifications, patent disclosures, etc. The ability for any PI, approver, reviewer to perform their job, no matter where they are in the world, any time of day. The [email protected] project vision encompasses more than software; it is also business process reengineering.

[email protected] UGM: Where We Are Nearly 2,000 proposals created in [email protected] and successfully submitted to Grants.Gov Over 200+ proposals routed and approved electronically Over 200+ eSPAFS completed Electronic record of who approved and when and how long it took 100% of all IRB and IACUC correspondence created and distributed via

[email protected] Attached to protocols All new records in PT have submission packets scanned and attached to records SPAF, Contracts, NOA documentation etc All new records in IRB/IACUC have submission packets scanned and attached to protocol records Protocol, amendments

All CITI and EHRS training records attached to faculty profiles Tens of thousands of alerts delivered to faculty on a just-in-time basis Expirations of training, protocols. Notification of available help when starting proposals [email protected] UGM: Challenges in eRA Discussion: Mitigating differences in research capacity between schools Background: Institutions typically fall within 2 support models Centralized support MIT

Most of the work in creating and submitting proposals is done in either the central OSP office or at the college level. Decentralize support University of Pennsylvania Most of the work in creating and submitting proposals is done at the department level. School level research offices and central OSP support departments in creating/reviewing proposals Temple currently uses both models. [email protected] UGM: Challenges in eRA Can [email protected] support both models?

What would that entail? Access to proposals from initial creation to routing by members of the PIs research support team. That could be at the Department, School or University level. Send an email to appropriate research experts, whether they are at the department, school or University level when a proposal is begun. Currently, those experts have access to the proposal (today) and can do as much or as little as is customary in that school. [email protected] UGM: Challenges in eRA

Discussion: Moving the entire university to have all Federal submissions system-to-system by January 1, 2012 as per Dr. Blanks challenge. Exceptions include: NSF Program projects Transfers Any opportunity that explicitly requires a paper submission All non-Federal submissions using the eSPAF by the same date

What do we do when there is a mix of faculty from the SPAF and eSPAF worlds? [email protected] UGM: Issues Salary exposed during routing Why doesnt the vendor address this? For all Federal submissions, Adobe Forms makes no attempt at hiding salary. For NIH, anyone named on the proposal can log on and see salary information as it is required. What are other schools doing? Penn makes no attempt to hide the salary State schools it isnt an issue since many publish all salaries anyway. What can we do since it is a valid issue?

[email protected] UGM: Issues What can we do? Will never be able to stop someone from using a calculator to backdoor into salaries. But we can make sure they have a calculator. Use 424 budgeting model and enter 0 for Base Salary but will still have to enter the full amount for Federal sponsors that require it. [email protected] UGM: Known Issues B1 vs B2 forms B2 Forms address a series of bugs in the B1 forms at Grants.Gov We have the ability to use the new B2 forms in eRA.

However, we are waiting for the software patch to allow us to change them while the proposal is Under Development ETA Next week. If you start a proposal in B1 you cannot change it to a B2 formtodayHowever, remember that B1 Forms will be accepted by NIH until January 7th. [email protected] UGM: Known Issues FedNonFederalBudget form for some Non-NIH submissions Known bug in our software. If you find a proposal using this form, you must submit using Adobe Forms and a paper SPAF. ETA for fix 2 weeks [email protected] UGM: Tips & Techniques I just discovered a bug in the software, what do I do? If you see something, say something Report all bugs, no matter how inconsequential they may seem. Never

hoard bugs, it helps no one. Send as much information to us as possible including: Proposal # in the subject line of the email A screen shot helps Very importantly, what you were doing when it occured Issues related to live proposals are usually resolved in hours. [email protected] OR [email protected] AND [email protected] [email protected] UGM: Tips & Techniques How can I check a proposal for issues before we submit it for final review? Using XML Validate

Will build the XML datastream to check for any issues. Popup screen will display status of each part of proposal. Look for all green checkmarks [email protected] Users Group Tips & Techniques I just started a proposal yesterday but dont see it today System defaults to the PIs Primary Appt for the Associated Dept Make sure you set the Associated Department to one that you have access to. [email protected] UGM: Resources Documentation Available online video tutorials and hardcopy on our login screen Over 20 chapter-based video tutorials eRATV

Live webinar every other week [email protected] Training In person or via webinar, individualized to your needs [email protected] UGM: Resources New Look for Sponsored Programs Website [email protected] UGM: Q & A Questions/Concerns/Issues? [email protected] UGM: Next Meeting Look for the eRA Listserv for information on the next UGM meeting.

Send and email to [email protected] In the body of the email enter Subscribe era yourfirstname yourlastname

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