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EPVK Our Enterprise Opportunities Simon Witts Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation [email protected] Microsoft: Consumer DEVICES GO TO MARKETS SERVICES CONSUMER & CHANNELS GROUP

Microsoft: Enterprise DEVICES GO TO MARKETS CIO Priorities: Consumerization of IT Journey to the Cloud SERVICES Consumerization of IT USER DEVICES CONSUMER SERVICES First & best on Windows, best in class on nonWindows All Social Technologies available in Enterprise

Setting Journey to the Cloud Common Public Cloud Private Cloud Partner Hosted Servers Microsoft: Enterprise DEVICES GO TO MARKETS CIO Priorities:

Consumerization of IT Journey to the Cloud SERVICES Sales Approaches: Industry Technology Licensing Industry Financial Services Sector Manufacturing & Resources Sector

Retail Sector Solution Area Categories Sales & Services Digital Marketing Governance, Risk & Compliance Innovation Business Insight Operations Communicatio ns & Media Sector Public Sector

We work with: Invensy udipta Bhattacharya sSPresident & CEO 24 of top 25 petroleum companies 49 of top 50 chemical companies

20 of top 20 pharmaceutical companies 10 of top 20 metropolitan railway systems 7 of top 7 appliance manufacturers We enable: 24% of the worlds chemical production 64% of the worlds Liquid Natural Gas

Sudipta.bhattach[email protected] 20% of the worlds electricity generation 36% of the worlds nuclear energy generation 17% of the worlds crude oil refining Windows User Devices Targeted Engagements Office

365 &7 LYNC Accelerate Windows Deployment Windows 8 (SOC, GUI/NUIPCs & HTML5) Windows Phone Roadmap Windows 7Enterprise Featured Windows Datacenter 1.

2. 3. 4. Hyper-V in Production Hyper-V for all Microsoft Workloads System Center for all Workloads Private Cloud (SCS 2012) linked to Public Cloud Business Productivity Office 365 User based pricing (K1/2 and E1/2/3/4) Updated Enterprise Agreement Updated Premier Agreement Updated Advisor Fees & Marketplace Lync RFP and Non-RFP

Premier Lync for Partners The Via Group Kevin Carswell Co-founder & CEO [email protected] Application Platform Mission Critical OLTP (SQL 2012) Premier SQL + SPS Business Insight (SQL 2012) Duet Enterprise (SPS 2010) Platform Modernization

SAP Sybase Custom Oracle Mainframe Licensing Enterprise Agreement Enrolments User Device* or User Core Infrastructure (Datacenter) Application Platform Partner Resale Incentives Major Account Corporate Account Software Asset Management * Non Windows options captured

Our Enterprise Opportunities Opportuniti es Partner Sales Incentives Partner Solution Plans* Industry CRM By Solution Area Windows User Devices

Windows 7 Enterprise Flexible Workspace Windows Datacenter Systems Center & Hyper-V Private Cloud Office 365 Lync Messaging Advance Collaboration Voice

Partner Hosted Cloud Application Platform SQL Azure App Development & Integration BI & Data Warehouse SAP Extend & Platform Internet Sites Application & Database Migration Windows Azure Platform Licensing

Deal Registration By LAR Partner Business Productivity * For Managed Partner Our Enterprise Opportunities Simon Witts Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation [email protected]

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