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Permaculture integrates people into Nature's design. A permaculture design provides us with shelter, food, water, income, community and aesthetic and spiritual fulfillment within a balanced and healthy biological community. Permaculture is Applied Science and Ecology; Ethical design of human systems for a sustainable future. It offers practical solutions to the global environmental and cultural crises we now face. Permaculture (Permanent Culture) is the conscious design and co-creative evolution of agriculturally productive ecosystems and cooperative and

economically just social systems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of 'natural' systems. The practice and development of liberating mental, emotional and spiritual ways of being. It seeks to provide a sustainable and secure place for living things on this earth. Permaculture Permaculture is a body of knowledge, susceptible to learning & teaching. But it is also a way of organizing knowledge, a connecting system that integrates science, art, politics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, & the diverse experiences & resources available in any community.

Permaculture is an ethical design system for creating human environments that are ecologically sound & economically viable. Permaculture systems provide for their own needs, do not exploit or pollute, & are therefore sustainable. Permaculture Principles Permaculture Design Applications: Economics Financial Permaculture is the design and management of business and monetary systems that increase ecological health while meeting human needs. Creating

a Financial Permaculture is a design endeavor towards circulating money locally, and finding innovative ways to promote trading and exchange systems that align with ecological patterns and boundaries.It is devoid of the notions of debt and credit which riddle modern human culture and which are entirely absent from the wilderness. Financial Permaculture Institutes Design Principles 1. Decentralization is better than centralization 2. Participatory design is true democracy 3. Land based businesses that use permaculture as a foundation of their design 4. Financial Intimacy creates closely knit and resilience communities

Permaculture Design Applications: Food and Climate Change Food Forests and More... Biotechnologists firmly believe that humanitys salvation lies in them engineering staple crops through genetic modification to provide all our needs and save humanity from starvation. By understanding how forests grow and sustain themselves without human intervention, we can learn from Nature, copy the systems and patterns to model our own forests ones filled with trees and plants that produce food we can eat.

Real forests dont need any work, they self-maintain no pesticides, herbicides, weeding, crop rotation, mowing or digging. Food forests dont need any of this either! Less work, more food, all natural! Why would you do anything else? What if our gardens at AP looked like this? Permaculture Design Applications: Energy and Policy Biogeoregions: Energy decisions and policies to be made based on biological, geological, and geographical aspects of the land.

Fossil Fuel Free Landscapes: Using fossil fuels to create landscapes that will no longer need fossil fuels Passive Systems: Harnessing and creating as many passive systems for water and energy cycling as possible Scaling Up: In nature there is no scaling up except within a biogeoregion. We can design permaculture homes, farms, villages, towns, cities, and regions.

Changing the World My Permaculture Dream Design for my land & community Are we willing to make these deep lifestyle changes in our own lives? To jump out of the vicious cycle and live alternatively?

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