Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure in Sonoma County, CA

Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure in Sonoma County, CA

ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND INFRASTRUCTURE IN SONOMA COUNTY, CA NACAA Membership Meeting May 7, 2012 Barbara Lee CALIFORNIA CONTEXT AB 32 Reduce Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate 15% GHG 20% below 1990 by 2020 of sales by 2020

Governors Executive Order #B-16-12 2015: all major cities EV-ready 2020: CA will have infrastructure for 1 MM ZEVs 2025: 1.5 MM ZEVs in CA 2050: all personal transportation will be ZE Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative Public-private mainstream partnership to bring PEVs SONOMA COUNTY CONTEXT Suburban & rural county north of San Francisco 483,000

people, 9 cities 1500 square miles, 60,000 acres, 2500 lane miles; about 62% of land use is agriculture Economy based on agriculture, tourism SONOMA COUNTY CONTEXT County, all cities have aggressive GHG reduction targets 20% below 2000 by 2010 25% below 1990 by 2015 Regional Climate Protection Authority coordinates reduction planning and programs County has lead on Electric Vehicle program

Nissan Leaf Roll-out Site SONOMA COUNTY EV INITIATIVE Infrastructure Vehicles Policies & Coordination INFRASTRUCTURE: SONOMA COUNTY ELECTRIC TRAIL Approximately 50 stations already installed at County, City, and Special District sites More than half are restricted for public fleet use Remainder available to the public Expect a total of 130 publicly installed stations by the end of 2012 Most

of these will have public access County manages grants and installation for cities, except Santa Rosa Private entities also installing infrastructure MAP OF CHARGING STATIONS VEHICLES (COUNTY FLEET) Light duty fleet: 246 vehicles (about 30%) are hybrid, plug-in hybrid (OEM and converted), extended range hybrid, and battery electric

Medium and Heavy duty fleet: Includes 5 hybrid transport vans and trucks putting hybrids & alt fuel into service where available Transit Buses: 100% natural gas fueled (some from compressed landfill gas from County landfill) VEHICLES: IN-USE EXPERIENCE Total fleet 10-year VMT increased by 10,000,000 miles compared to prior 10 year period Saved 10,000 gallons of gasoline in last 10 years Average fleet fuel economy increased 16% in last five years Met 2010 target to reduce GHG emissions from County fleet operations by 20% from 2000 levels Reduced maintenance costs for hybrid and BEV vehicles; examples include:

Less frequent (or no) oil/filter changes (3k to 5k miles, based on laboratory analysis of fluids) Reduced wear on brake pads in MD and HD hybrids (pads last 3x longer, savings of $500 per replacement) FUEL COST COMPARISON Vehicle Type Cost per mile Cost per 100 miles Cost per 500 miles Compact Car (gasoline) $ 0.1063 $

10.63 $ 531.67 Compact Hybrid (Prius) $ 0.0709 $ 7.09 $ 354.44 PHEV (Peak Charge) $

0.0571 $ 5.71 $ 285.61 PHEV (Off Peak) $ 0.0536 $ 5.36 $ 268.11

EV (Peak) $ 0.0360 $ 3.60 $ 180.00 EV (Off Peak) $ 0.0192 $ 1.90

$ 96.00 POLICIES & COORDINATION Coordinating Task Force Fleet Manager, Air District, Key County Departments, Counsel, Risk Mgmt, Cities, RCPA Developed infrastructure installation and permitting guidelines Working on uniform charging, parking, and rate policies FUNDING TO DATE (INFRASTRUCTURE,

BEVS) Metropolitan Transportation Commission Fleet Grant County - 22 Vehicles/Chargers $585,000 SCWA - 5 Vehicles/Chargers $125,000 City of SR 4 Vehicles/Chargers $100,500 Total MTC Fleet Grant $810,500 MTC Public Charger Grant 25 public access EV chargers $230,000 BAAQMD Transportation Fund for Clean Air $21,870 ChargePoint America Grant /NSCAPCD Funds 36 public access chargers $385,000

TOTAL $1,447,370 UPCOMING CA INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT NRG Settlement: $20 M in rebate to rate payers $102 M for DC fast charging $40 M for EVSE readiness at multi-family dwellings, workplaces, and public facilities Details on DC Fast Charging $50.5 M for at least 200 DC fast charge "Freedom Stations" $40 M for at least 10,000 "make-ready" conduit hook-ups $3 M for fixed operating costs during the initial "open

charging" period $5 M for technology demonstrations $4 M TBD CLEAN TRANSPORTATION FUNDING SOURCES FHA-TCSP (Transp. Commun. Sys. Preserv.) EPA-HUD-DOT: Partnership for Livable Communities = gateway funding for:

$100k - 200k for infrast. planning in distressed commun. Leverages other federal grants; offered quarterly EPA Brownfields & Area-wide Brownfields Grants HUD Sustainable Communities Challenge Grants DOE EV Infrastrucure Grants Building Blocks (50-75 communities selected; planning) Smart Growth Imp. Assistance (approx. 5 community demonstration projects selected) EDA (Economic Development Agency) Planning, capital projects New RFP coming in a few weeks; shovel-ready projects

Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities Requires partner who is community foundation; provides 1:1 PEVC RESOURCES: www.pevcollaborative.org Available Now: Taking Charge: Strategic Plan 2010 Recommendations Report: Accessibility & Signage PEV infrastructure Permit Streamlining resource PEV infrastructure Maps & Applications resource Communication Guides Coming soon: PEV

Readiness Toolkit for cities PEVC COMMUNICATION GUIDES How do PEVs Benefit California? What are the Benefits of Driving a PEV? What cars are Available? PEV Charging: Where and When? Fuel Costs: PEVs vs. Gasoline Cars? PEVC COMMUNICATION GUIDES: How Do Communities Become PEV Ready? How Do Multi-Dwelling Units Become PEV Ready? Workplace Charging: Why and How? PEV Batteries: Safety, Recycling, and Reuse?

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