Egypt and Kush - Loudoun County Public Schools

Egypt and Kush - Loudoun County Public Schools

BELLRINGER Please place your timeline in the bin Grab a highlighter or a marker youll need it today! On your Egypt Map (Page 20 in your notebook), please use the map to the left to: Label

where Nubia is located Circle/outline the Kush Empire Be prepared to answer the following question: How does the Kush Empire compare to the Egyptian Empire? BJOTD: What's the opposite of a somersault?


New Weapons: Bronze weapons and chariots Emphasis on conquering HATSHEPSUT

Encouraged trade instead of war RAMSES II Warleader Made first peace treaty with the Hittites Built many architectural monuments

Abu Simbel THE HITTITES Read the selection, use your highlighter, and be able to answer the following questions: Who

were the Hittites? How did the Hittites use their land (3 ways!) What were the Hittites most famous for (2 things!) EGYPTS DECLINE People of the Sea invaded after Ramses died Kingdom split apart, then invaded by the Libyans

THE RISE OF KUSH (2000 BCE-1000 BCE) A kingdom located in Nubia Nubia: region of Egypt straddling the Upper Nile

Spread to include the rest of Egypt from Nubia to the Mediterranean PEOPLE OF NUBIA Trading kingdom Culture glorified EgyptKush felt as if it was the guardian of Egyptian values Used

hieroglyphics, built pyramids, kicked the Libyans out of Egypt (King Piankhi was responsible for taking back Egypt) DECLINE OF KUSH Kicked out of Egypt by the Assyrians MEROE

Wealthy trading nation; emphasis on metal working Ruled like pharaohs No dynasties

Declined from 250 BCE to 150 BCE ACTIVITY Complete the Processing Page by using Ramses II as the second leader (the woman is a leader of Meroe) Find

similarities and differences between the two groups Consider: religion, government, architecture, language, the priority of the government, etc. CHINA VS. EGYPT Category of

Analysis D D S Why? SUMER VS. EGYPT

Category of Analysis D D S Why?

CHINA VS. SUMER Category of Analysis D D S


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