EFSA PowerPoint template - schoolsnortheast.org

EFSA PowerPoint template - schoolsnortheast.org

Effective and efficient management of school premises Schools North East presentation Simon Lindsay 22 June 2017 MASSIVE Goal My Massive Goal(s) for you from this session: Find out how we can help each other to manage school premises more effectively and efficiently

AGENDA Forthcoming guidance Capital Efficiency web pages Stakeholder networks Case studies Condition Data Collection Questions and discussion Forthcoming guidance Essential School Maintenance version 2.0 Procuring school capital projects School estate management what does good look like ?

Top 10 checks for governing boards What else do schools and responsible bodies need ? Capital efficiency web pages New section in Efficiency and Financial Health webpage on gov.uk Initially linking to : Essential School Maintenance MAT Capital Funding page Future links to new guidance and publications Case studies and good practice Single web page to collect all support and guidance for capital efficiency and other capital support

Stakeholder networks ASCL LGA Catholic Education Service NAHT CIPFA Property NGA

EBDOG National Society(C of E) FASNA The Trust Network The Key for School Leaders Regional and Local networks

NASBM Case studies To underpin guidance Estate management, Planning and Prioritising, Reducing Costs, Procuring Capital Projects, Collaboration What we are looking for: Capital efficiency issue Action taken Impact How can you help ?

Condition Data Collection Successor to Property Data Survey (PDS) programme Collects both condition and contextual information for each site All government funded schools are in scope (more than PDS) Commenced February 2017, completion September 2019. WHY? 1.

Allocate capital to schools via their responsible bodies 2. Identify schools for possible replacement 3. Support bids to treasury for additional capital 4.

Aid development of future condition funding policy Info:www.gov.uk/guidance/condition-data-collection-programme-i nformation-and-guidance Enquiries: www.education.gov.uk/efa-enquiry-form Questions and discussion Contact: [email protected] Set Your Goal Key points to remember:

Essential School Maintenance version 2.0 this autumn Keep an eye out for more guidance and our new web pages Can you offer a case study ?

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