eBuy plus - smartpay.gsa.gov

eBuy plus - smartpay.gsa.gov

U.S. General Services Administration GSA Advantage! Angel Paschall Harmon GSA SmartPay Training Forum July 16-18, 2019


GSA as a Source GSA Schedules Overview of GSA eTools GSA Advantage the tool 2

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to the government and the American people.

3 Priorities for use of Government supply sources (FAR 8.001) Agencys own inventory Excess from other agencies FPI/UNICOR GSA distributes many of their products

NIB/NISH (AbilityOne/JWOD) GSA considered their primary distributor GSA / VA / DLA GSA Wholesale (a.k.a. Global Supply) = requisitioning GSA/VA Multiple Award Schedules/GWACs = contracting Also FAR Part 2 - GWACs 4

GSA and VA Schedules For up-to-date info www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov and click on View schedule contracts www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov

and click on View schedule contracts 5 Each Schedule has multiple SINs Special Item Numbers = more specific categories

each SIN (category) has multiple contracts 165 205 le! p m

sa a t Jus Multi-Media Office Cabinets, Displays, & Filing

6 GSA eLibrary GSA Schedule/GWAC contractor database Up-to-date contractor information New contractors uploaded nightly

All product/service categories underneath the GSA Schedules & GWAC programs GSA Schedule contract clauses available Link to the GSA Schedule solicitation www.GSAeLibrary.gsa

7 eLibrary 8

Links to eTools 9 Search Criteria battery aircraft

10 Search Matches 11

more specific categories Categories 12 Narrowing Search Results Display:

All Socio-Economic Indicators Small Business Woman Owned Business Veteran Owned Small Business SBA Certified HUBZone Firm 13

Detailed Contractor Information 14 U.S. General Services Administration

Federal Acquisition Service GSA eBuy www.eBuy.gsa.gov (also linked at GSAAdvantage! and eLibrary)

15 What is eBuy? eBuy is an online Request for Quotes (RFQ) tool that allows Federal buyers to obtain quotes and issue orders for products and services offered by sellers on the GSA/VA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) programs and Governmentwide Acquisition

Contracts (GWACs). 16 Use eBuy for Services High quantity or dollar purchases where you are

seeking a further discount from contract pricing Purchases with complex requirements Determining sources of supply Receiving quotes on Blanket Purchase Agreements (Contact me if youre interested in detailed eBuy training!) 17

U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service GSA Advantage! www.gsaadvantage.gov

18 What Is Available? Over 30 million products/services available Wide selection of contractors Compliance with regulation/competition requirements FAR

Ability One Environmental Socioeconomic Compare prices, features, and delivery options 19


19,472 GSA/VA Schedule Contracts 34,295,093 Products & Services

877,463 Registered Customers 750,000 Searches Every Work Day 2,500 Orders Placed per Day 3 Searching Users for Every Buyer Average Order is $761 8,432,925 Total Orders Placed $6.0 B Total Sales Volume

20 Topics of Discussion

Homepage Functionality Registration/Login Searching Capabilities

Checkout Process Order History & Status 21 Member Registration 22

Member Registration 23 New Design to the Site

24 Search Bar 25 Product Categories

26 Other Links 27

Customer Service 28 Personal Homepage 7/15/2013

29 My Account page 30

My Account Add New Address 31 My Account Add New Address 32

Methods of Payment 33 Apply fo an AAC

34 Robust Search Cababilities Searching Capabilities 35

Browse Categories paper 36

paper Search Results 37 Symbols and Definitions

38 Search Results 39

Filter for Photos 40 Refine by Keyword 41

Refined Search Results 42 Product Details

10 43 Warrnings or Notes hanging folderr

44 Limit the Search 45

Auto Spell Check 46 Alter Search Results file

47 Contractor List 48 Product Name

49 Product Details 50

FSSI BPA 10 51 Checkout

Checkou t 52 Checkout Review

53 Purchase Order 54 Process Order

55 Order Receipt 56

Updated Message Center 05/28/2013 57 Advtester

UPS Tracking 58 Order History & Status

Order History & Stat 59 Order History/Status Page Ice cream

Last 2 Years 60 Past Orders 61

Order History Detail 62 Ask GSA GSA Self-Service and Live Chat

https://gsa-fas.force.com/AskGSA/ 63 Advanced Search 64

Get a Quote 65 Negotiated Price Per Mr. Arthur I. Zation

Instructions: Customers are encouraged to negotiate a lower price with MAS contractors (if the volume warrants). Space is provided below for you to enter the new Unit Price. You are also required to provide the name of the contractor representative, or cite a BPA or other number which gives you authorization to lower the schedule price. This authorization will appear on the purchase order sent to the contractor. Clicking "Submit" will update the Unit Price for this item on the Shopping Cart.

66 Any questions? GSAAdvantage! www.gsaAdvantage.gov

67 Thank you for attending!

[email protected] [email protected] GSA GSACustomer CustomerService ServiceDirector

Director Robins RobinsAFB AFBGA GA 404-387-5728

404-387-5728 68 GSA Starmark Logo


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