Drama: Form, Structure & Genre

Drama: Form, Structure & Genre

: a m a Dr nre e G d r a & W s s m i r M

o F n duct io Intro It is important to point out that Form and Genre are hard to define. They can be interchangeable and often some of the terms can fit into both categories. You can be flexible when using these terms to describe your drama

Form Form i of th s the b asis e dr ama . It is how dram the a is cons truc

ted Form Thin k of Form skel eton a as of th s the we g e dr a the o t

hrou ma dram gh add a pr oces and s we b u ild it upon Form Plot We add meat to

the bones Structur e Genr e Conventio ns F O R M Charact

er Theatr e Arts Form Types of Form A play, scripted or improvised Physical Theatre Mime Monologue Movement/ Dance Drama Musical Pantomime Docu-drama

Forum theatre Type s of Fo rm A play Scripted This is a form of Drama where the dialogue is written down along with stage directions Improvised The plot is decided on and then actors make up what their characters will say. As there is no script the

dialogue can sometimes change. Type s of Fo rm Physical Theatre Physical Theatre tells the story of the drama through an emphasised use of movement. Type s

of Fo rm Mime Mime is stylised type of movement. It uses exaggerated movement to tell a story. It is performed in silence. Type s of Fo rm

Monologue Monologue is when a character speaks their thoughts out loud. Instead of traditional dialogue it tells the audience what is going on in the characters head. of Fo rm Type s Movement/ Dance Drama This Form uses

Movement and dance to tell the story with often little or no dialogue. Type s of Fo rm Musical This Form uses a combination of Acting, Song and Dance to help tell the story. Type

s of Fo rm Pantomime Pantomime includes songs, slapstick comedy and audience participation. Often based on well known fairy tales as well as using topical humour, they often include staple characters and have a history of cross-dressing characters such as the Dame or women playing male roles such as Prince Charming

Type s of Fo rm Docu-Drama A dramatized reenactment of real events. They can often be made up of verbatim, sound or film clips of the actual events Type s

of Fo rm Forum Theatre Created by Augusto Boal, Forum Theatre uses Audience Participation to discuss and explore situations and issues. It is known as the Theatre of the Oppressed and was created to help find solutions to social Gen re

As stated before Genre can overlap with Form and often the same terms can be used to describe both. Genre is the type of Drama you create and specific Genre often have particular conventions attached and create a certain style of performance Tragedy Comedy

Historical TragiComedy Horror Types of Genre Crime Melodram a Farce Satire

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